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PPR: Witten or Wayne


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My other 2 keepers are Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson.


12-team PPR league.


Roster: QB, RBx2, WRx3, TE, K, IDP



1pt / rec.

1pt / 10yards rush/rec.

1pt / 50yards passing

6pts for all TDs


As defending champ I draft in the last spot in rounds 1-4 and then we snake after that (So I have the first pick in rounds 5,7,9,etc.)


We can keep up to 3 players (cost is our first 3 picks). Most teams keep 2 or 3 players.


Witten appeals to me because besides getting an unofficial 4th WR, he could be due for a monster year with extra TDs in the T.O. void. Wayne seemed to take a step backwards last year with Marvin out and I am concerned that he may not bounce back to top 10 status this year.


Am I crazy for considering keeping Witten over Wayne? (I know I am probably asking for smartass answers with that statement)

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So, you'd give up your 1st round pick for Apete and 2nd round for CJohn ... that's a nice start to a draft. Then you can have the last pick of the 3rd round or take Reggie Wayne or Jason Witten. Reggie would be a nice pick at the end of the 3rd -- and it might be a tad earlier from an ADP perspective for Witten, esp considering you don't have the wrap-around there and have to wait till the end of the 4th ... But, Witten gives you a competitive advantage over the tight end you'll get in his place -- so the question becomes, what other WR will be there when you pick at the end of 4, start of 5 ... If you think somebody roughly comparable will be there, keep Witten.

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here's the funny thing....


I have Wayne ranked higher than Witten, but you won't see me drafting Wayne....yet I'll draft Witten if given the chance....


I would try to trade Wayne and Johnson for a top RB and then keep Witten....


try to maximize the talent on your roster...

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I am shocked at the unanimous support for Witten (so far).


My major concerns with Witten are that defenses will double-team him more often with T.O. gone (especially in the red-zone) and Martellus Bennett will take away some looks.

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Based on previous drafts I think I would either get the ~5th best TE or ~17th best WR with my pick in the 4th. So I guess the question could be what is the better combo between:










Although if I didn't keep Witten I very likely would wait on TE until much later anyway so I would be getting 2 WR upgrades and end up with a TE like Cooley or Carlson.

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Thanks for the replies, you have given me a lot to think about. I was heavily lean towards Wayne when I first posted.


Count me in for the Stud TE, Witten is machine and don't worry about the double coverage, he was already getting double looks because the double never came from the corner, it was the saftey opposite of TO, so he will still get great numbers, and more targets.


I had both last year, I'd take Whitten over Wayne almost straight up, but considering who you can get in Rd 4 at WR in place of Wayne, keep Witten.

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i take wayne easily. peyton's #1 target in a PPR? gimme.


i believe no TO will lead to more focus on witten. plus, there are many intriguing TE options out there while top quality WRs are depleted immediately.


Notes on Wayne:


Wayne has had only one multi-touchdown game in the last four seasons....Wayne has eclipsed 86 receptions only once in his career,,,,,,He ranks 10th among receivers in TDs per game over the past three years, so he needs to either boost his TD total or get a lot more yardage to return to the Top Five."


Finished #12 overall, and #14 in PPG in 2008. A significant drop in production for a guy who had established himself as a near-elite WR in 2006 and 2007. Even more troubling was that after week 6, he was nothing special whatsoever, catching 6 passes OR 75 yards OR 1 td only 5 times in 12 games. IND has a new running game, a new offensive coaching staff (ostensibly), a 100% Peyton Manning......but also note that over that same post-week 6 timeframe, Dallas Clark matched that 6/75/1 criteria in 9 of the final 12 games of the season.
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