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4th Pick: Non-PPR


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Woe is me! 4th Pick this year and not sure what to do. Consensus says that MJD, Forte, or Turner is the move...no matter who is left. I am a big LT fan this year, and it may just be a gut thing that kills my season, but he looks fantastic (I’ve been to camp to see him), has a really great schedule except for 2, 3, and 4, but two of those are at home. He has a chip on his shoulder, takes amazing care of himself and the injuries he had were nothing serious. Sproles will get some, but come on; he is not an every down back. Even with the number of carries he has in his career, he rarely takes hard hits. Basically I know that one of MJD, Turner, and Forte will be there to choose from with LT. So...for discussion sake, let's look at a few scenarios:


Turner vs. LT

MJD vs. LT

Forte vs. LT


MJD: Bad offense, better Oline this year, but how many times will they really get into the red zone. Never carried the full load (remember Barber last year


Forte: Will Cutler hurt or help? Cutler doesn't check down often and will look to earn his money by stretching the field. I think Forte's YPC will go up because of that, but receptions drop into the 40's. Also, Kevin Jones looks good and will take some carries of his load.


Turner: I really think he goes #2, but if there doesn't catch the ball and wont, Gonzo will steal some of his TD's, and the curse?? Who knows?


I would really like some in depth feedback on this and am always happy to respond with good analysis to everyone else. Thanks!

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Need more than that from you!


If Turner is there I think you have to grab him.


I doubt he will be there because he is the next sure thing after AllDay.


There is no RBBC in Atlanta and the guy has Great Size, Good Speed, shifty enough moves, Not total bricks for hands, he will get a few dumps a game.


Hands down Turner.


I can see LT over MJD if you have a gut feeling on LT. Not really a RBBC in JAC but you got to think, MJD is a little guy 250+ carries is going to be tough. I expect Greg Jones to get more carries than the "experts" believe. Because Greg Jones has been such a Fantasy Football bust the "experts" have hard feelings over him, but the guy is Football player. He has been playing FB because you had MJD and Freddy now he will get to be the Smash to MJD's Dash. (The talk about Jennings is BS the dude has along way to go to tote the rock in the NFL)

However MJD is set up for success on paper and has proven he can ball. I would probably take MJD here


I would definitely take LT over Forte. I am conservative with my first round pick.

Forte has too many ???. The O-line is not in that great in Chicago and they didn't do much to make it better. fORTE did so well last year basically because there wasn't any other options. Orton or Sexy Rexy can't toss the ball further than 15 yards and you can't hit Olson all day.

I think Forte will have a decent season but let the 5th pick guy talk about how old LT is and what a steal it was for him to get Forte.

I drafted Forte last year in the late rounds when he was a steal. When the cheat sheets came out I was surprised how high he was ranked.

Trust me I watched Forte closley last year as I had to start him for many games. I will be very surprised if he finishes a top 5 back in 2009. Top 10 most likely but not Top 5.


I can see LT rebounding and its not exactly like he did jack last season. He performed well. (he helped me win a championship in a redraft money league)

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I would take LT over Forte, but like Turner and MJonesDrew more than LT. I think MJD's offense is better. They like to run the ball and he will get 20-25 touches per game and is a homerun threat. Turner will lose TDs to TonyGonzalez and he's not much of a receiving threat. I'm scared of the sophomore jinx on both Turner and Forte... can they do it again???? think in my league it will go AP, Turner, Forte...?????LT/MJD...

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