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putting all your eggs in one basket


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well, i've lost 3 straight after a 7-1 start. i've just fallen out of 1st place in my division for the first time since week 3. this is a must win week for me since weeks 11-13 are against division foes. i play the guy who's in 3rd place a game behind me. now that the background has been laid...on to my real question.

is it stupid for me to be thinking about starting warner, fitz, breaston, wells, & ari def. they have a great matchup against the rams this week. my other RB's haven't been doing anything. i'd be starting wells over grant & mccoy. i'd also be benching the vikes def.

am i a :wacko: for thinking this is a good idea. i need some input on whether to come in off the ledge or just jump.

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It's not absolutely crazy, but usually ill advised. You're taking to much of a chance that the points will be spread around rather than picking the hot players from verying teams. But, if your other matchups don't look as good, you play who gives you the best opportunity, regardless if they are all on the same team.

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thank you for the input guys.


With Westbrook out, I'd think you could minimize your potential loss by putting too much into the Cardinals game by starting LeSean McCoy over Beanie. Obviously I'd hate for you to do that and then Beanie plays like he did last week, but it's just an idea. Rather than all Cards, you could start McCoy. He should be getting the bulk of the carries with Westbrook out.

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