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ROS Player Rankings


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Just curious how you guys put this list together each week? Is this based on PPR, or just overall productivity?


Reason I ask.. I took a quick glance at the WR's and started scratching my head. Why?


M Sanu - dude's averaging 5.4 catches a game, 70.8 yards a game, and .6 TD's a game (not to mention he threw for one too) for an average of 15.8/game (17.0/game if you want to include his passing TD) - yet he's ranked as the 40th best WR? He was averaging more than 15 points a game in a PPR league with AJ Green...


M Colston - 3.75 catches a game for 62 yards, and .25 TD's, yet ranked 31 on this list. 11.2 points a game (PPR).


K Wright - this kid's averaging 4.3 catches a game for 38 yards, and .5 TD. Yet he's ranked above Sanu. 10.6 points a game (PPR)


OBJ - sure small sample size, but he's averaging 3 catches a game for 36 yards and .5 TD, yet he's the highest ranked WR of the group (sitting at 26) - AND he's a rookie! 9 points a game (PPR)


These rankings don't make much sense to me - how am I supposed to use this tool? Are you suggesting if someone offers me OBJ for Sanu, I'm crazy to pass it up?? I don't get it..


Not nit picking at all - just looking for a little further explanation on the point of this.. How/Why do you rank higher producing players lower than others?

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it is supposed to be their value for the rest of the way....but that doesn't even sound right either because some of the players who have a much harder schedule are ranked higher than players who have performed better and have a better schedule the rest of the way...


I dunno...I don't like bashing any of the articles....but every time I read this one in particular I do scratch my head quite often..

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Short answer, this attempts to be a cheat sheet for the rest of the season if you were drafting today. It's generally based on Huddle Performance scoring. There are so many factors and scoring systems that come into play that there's no way I can craft this list to make everyone happy; for example, some people put a ton of credence on strength of schedule while others almost none at all. But it attempts to be more forward looking than a ranking of what guys have done so far.


So in the example above, Beckham is ranked highly not because he's been so great in his two games but rather that he'll pick up Victor Cruz's numbers as well as whatever role he had in the Giants' offense. Sanu, on the other hand, has been solid for sure--but if AJ Green is back and Marvin Jones is back and the Bengals continue to be a run-heavy offense his numbers are bound to be lesser the rest of the way.


Hope that helps.



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