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A new trend in the NFL?


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Watching the Saints game this weekend I noticed San Francisco's offensive line doing a lot of movement before and even during the snap. A lot of head jerks, standing up and turning around. They caught the Saints with it at least once at the beginning of the game when the center jerked his head down as if snapping the ball & the Saints jumped across the line. I believe that was a 3rd down on San Fran's 2nd drive for a TD. You can get a real idea of what I'm talking about in the replay of the bomb to Crabtree for the tie at the end of the game.




I'm just wondering if this is something that offensive lines are starting to do now. I've seen linemen turn around to hear when the play is being changed, but this looked a lot more like they were trying to get the defense to jump offsides. My understanding was that the offensive line needed to be set before the snap of the ball, am I wrong?


PS - This isn't meant to be a "refs screwed us" post. Vaccarro obviously blew his coverage assignment & the D-line basically gave up on the play. The Graham push off was ridiculous IMO, but from the refs point of view I can see why it was called. Great sell-job by the DB who knew he didn't stand a chance.

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Haven't noticed that but have seen several games in loud environs where the visitors on offense are using the guard to look at the QB to see if he signaled to snap, then tapping the center. But that only explains some of the movement.



I've seen that as well, but the guard is usually reset before the ball actually snaps. That play by the SF O-line was something completely different. All but the RT was doing it & the LG was still standing up when the ball was snapped. If the line is allowed to move like that during a game, what happens if the D jumps over the line? Would that be a penalty on the D like it was earlier in the the game and if so, then why aren't offenses using this tactic more often to get the D to jump off sides?


I have noticed that too rajn. Also noticing QBs getting away with a lot of head bobbing and hand thrusting on hard counts. QBs used to get flagged for false starts over that but don't seem to anymore.



Yeah, I've seen Brees get away with a few that probably should have been called. But he's gotten to the point now where teams are expecting it and the only time that it works is when they're not in a 3rd & short type situation. Some of the better QBs like Rodgers & Brees kinda know just how far the refs will let them go with it, though. As long as their head doesn't snap up as if they are taking the snap, it typically isn't called. That's another one that I'm surprised more teams don't try to use.

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