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Good read about Priest Holmes


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sad, he was a beast i was never lucky enough to get the first pick in fantasy football during the years of holmes faulk and alexander. i always hated facing holmes though. He probably the greatest fantasy back ever close second was marshal faulk.



Is that a :fishy: cause that is highly debatable. Yes he had 2 great years (02' & 03'), but his overall body of work is lacking.

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Wow I'm only a few paragraphs in and this sounds like he's in really bad shape. I really hope this is a rare occurrence and not common for many former players. I had met OJ and Marcus Allen once at a movie theatre in LA (Mann's Chinese). Walking out we were behind them and OJ had a very noticeable limp in both legs, knees that looked pretty bad and so on. Marcus looked more spry and in decent shape (this was in 88 I think, so still in the middle of Marcus career).


Have to agree with def, monster few seasons sure, but greatest fantasy back ever? I'd give that to Faulk or LT over Priest any day.

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2001 thru 2005 I owned Faulk Alexander and Holmes in one of my main locals drafting Faulk #1 Priest in mid rounds and picking up Alexander when he took over that year. I have played in this league for 20 years we tried a 3 player keeper league for 5 years starting that year and they voted it out after the 5 years when in the last year Alexander went for 27 TDs. They single handedly won 4 out of 5 championships in those 5 years and soured everyone of the keeper league. It was as beastly as I've ever had and ever will. :bow:


I forever love all those guys FF wise and will forever be known (and hated) in that league as my name at the time Priest Alexander Faulker :D


This is an awesome read and makes me sad and angry at how the NFL will ride a horse while they are making them money and take them to the pasture when they're not... How could he not have medical for life with what he made for these desk jockeys :tdown:

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I understand the league and owners make a lot of money off these players, but many players also make a lot of money. Giving them health insurance for life shoudln't be necessary, and would be a very uncommon retirement benefit. I think 5 years coverage after he retires is pretty good (and better than most of us can expect, even those who may be wrecking their bodies to earn money for their empooyers).

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