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Dynasty League Question


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I don't play in many leagues and am only in one dynasty league. We are in our 8th year and there is always something new to learn so just keep plugging away. I have been OK, never have had a losing record, and never took home the 1st place, although I've been close. If you worry about next year, next year - I'm not sure you'll be happy.


My methodology is to play very conservative. Don't overpay for the flavor of the day - some dynasty owners hold super high values on their players, myself included at times. A bad trade will set you back. Draft wisely - know your sh!t when it comes to the college game - don't be a stat hog, but understand the schemes and the how's and why's of a kid's skills. Most have limited upside and if you reach for them too early, you're going to be set back again.


Decide where you're going to build the strength of your team for 4+ year period and do it. All dynasty teams have weaknesses, so will yours. Just don't get caught buying what some dude is selling because you can make a deal - does it fit into your strength, or does it make the weaker part of your team slightly less weak?


IMO - you should start all dynasty leagues with two drafts. One is a veteran draft, and the second for rookies.

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Championships fly forever and the $$ spends quite well. Nobody remembers second place.


Youth = tie-breaker when deciding between multiple players.


Don't go all old; nor go all youth. Be like the porridge: just right. A mixture of both.


Owners tend to think the league stops time or something and that young teams always stay that way. Teams don't stay old forever either. You get draft picks every year, use them to get younger or as excellent trade bait. replenish the stock.


Players don't get to be old players if they aren't any good. It's a "Not For Long" league. Mid to older players are just fine to have.


Know the year round cycle of value for draft picks. Trade for and away at the right times.


Understand that most people suck at playing the stock market and most are also terrible at playing the dynasty player market as well. No... you are not a better "scout" than the NFL scouts. I don't care how much youtube highlight "tape" you've watched.


The Shiny New Toy squads = your minor league squad. Just keep picking off less shiny objects from these owners once the players become too old and actually start producing. Easy $$$.

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