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Expectations for Austin Ekeler

dope man

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Using the eye test this kid looks pretty good. I want to use a roster spot for him but I am waivering on how he might be used with Gordon there. I guess I would like to hear some of your trusted thoughts on this guy moving forward. I know the late fumble hurts the kid a little, but he was putting in effort Sunday!


Thanks Guys!!!

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23 hours ago, LuckyBub said:

I think he's worthy of a roster spot, a handcuff to Gordon if nothing else.

Definitely.  If Gordon goes down, Ekeler is going to be very productive much like Freeman a couple years ago.  Otherwise it may turn into a timeshare, like Freeman/Coleman now.  At least both are worth starting.

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so really strange....I ended up landing ekeler last night


I had been eyeing/keeping an eye on him the last month or so...but due to bye weeks and holding some guys out of hope or because they are next in line if a starter gets injured I  never made the move


this is a high stakes/competitive league....we have had probably somewhere in the range of 180 drop/adds at $20 bucks a pop.......of course now is the time the bye weeks are just about over and also a lot of teams are feeling they are out of it and wont be spending money....and of course there are a few teams already out of blind bid money


I didn't have a ton of money left...about 120 of the 500....I put in, what I thought was, a lowball bid on ekeler just for the heck of it.....like 37 bucks......and to my surprise nobody else bid on him....I was very surprised that I landed him and no one else even tried...


I realize he had a crucial fumble that cost them the game.....and I also realize this comparison might be a stretch...but both ingram and kamara had a fumble(ingram a couple) in the last few weeks.....now in no way am I'm comparing Gordon/ekeler to ingram/kamara.......but I think fumbles are more random than anything else......I know ekeler doesn't have the veteran rep like ingram or a jon stewart ....but I think some people may be overthinking the fumble/doghouse angle....


there is some speculation that Gordon might be playing hurt....and ekeler has some juice......im definitely feeling him as a late season bench guy

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Ekeler plays at Dallas on Thanksgiving, likely with no Sean Lee in the lineup.  I picked him up in both leagues in case he shows some spark again this week.  The Chargers/Cowboys game might be a shootout, I could see him getting loose once or twice in that game.  


I also have my eye on Benjamin for next Thursday.  He's available in both of those leagues as well.

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