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TE Waiver selection


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Currently I have Olsen and Cooks.  It is not looking good for the ROS.  Who would you go with?


MIN Rudolph (Falcons, Panthers, Bengals)

AZ Seals-Jones (Rams, Titans, Redskins)


Ruldolph has been great the last 4 weeks  The targets are there.  Keenum has been better than expected.


Seals-Jones is awesome his first 2 weeks.  With Gabbert the starter, it looks to be a very good situation, safety valve if WRs are covered.


I'm think Seals-Jones (no sacrifice, no glory right?) 

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I like Rudolph. Much safer play. Seals-Jones only logged 8 snaps this past week and he has Gresham ahead of him. I'm sure he will start getting more snaps, but still has a lot of risk. Rudolph has been consistent and has been getting a lot of red zone looks. 

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Rudolph is undoubtedly the safe play - 6 to 8 points if he doesn't score, then around 12-15 if he does score. 


Seals-Jones is not playing enough. He played like 10 snaps two weeks ago and 15 snaps this past week. He clearly has red zone rapport with Gabbart, but he's dangerous due to his limited snap count and TD requirement.  Not sure how much that snap count is going to go up since the Cards like Gresham's blocking abilities. 

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very good points.  Rudolph is the safer play, but I need more than safe this week.  I got to win or go home this week.


I took the risk and picked up Seals-Jones.  Risky, but I went with chance of SJ scoring higher as Rams secondary will likely severely limit AZ WRs this week.


:boxing:Here's to high points this week.

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