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Big XII Predictions


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My predictions for Big 12...


North Division

1) Nebraska

2) Colorado

3) K-State

4) Iowa State

5) Missouri

6) Kansas


South Division

1) Oklahoma

2) Texas

3) Texas A&M

4) Texas Tech

5) Oklahoma State

6) Baylor


Yep, you heard it, I'm picking Nebraska in the North. Dahran Diedrick had 1299 yards and 15 td's, and missed the first game of the year which could have put him at 1430 and 17td's, easily. Colorado isn't as good as made out to be. Maybe they surprised people when they destroyed Nebraska and beat Texas, but getting their asses handed to them by Oregon made some people realize they aren't THAT good. Plus with Colorado going to Lincoln on November 29th, I don't think they'll be able to hear their own cadents with that crowd. Trust me, I was there for Notre Dame and the crowd was insane. Can't wait to see CU come wink . K-State will be solid with QB Roberson a year older. He's pretty good, and a year under his belt will prove to make K-State worthy of good competition. Iowa State of course has Seneca Wallace, who can run around on almost anybody on any given Saturday. But I don't see them beating any of the top dogs on their schedule like Nebraska, OU, Texas, or CU. Not to mention they'll have trouble with K-State and Texas Tech. Missouri is 'ok' and Kansas shouldn't be a problem for the rest of the Big 12..


Down South I wanted to say Texas will be #1, but I'm not fond of Simms and I think they'll have trouble with Nebraska. Texas WILL be solid though, they have a great shot at #1 and I'm still doubting myself for putting OU up top, but I gotta go with Nebraska beating Texas. OU's qb's are both unworthy of hype in my opinion, but their D is still solid and the rest of their game is pretty good. A&M of course plays awesome at home, and Nebraska will be visiting them there this season. Good luck Huskers :D . The Aggies are a solid team, and could be better than I predict, but I'm staying with them at #3 in the South. Kliff Kingsbury will carry the Raiders on his back. Majority of wins they get will be because of good games by him. He's smart, good passer, and he's better than most think. OSU and Baylor round it out obviously. brow

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1. OU

2. Puke Orange

3. A & M

4. Tech

5. OSwho

6. Baylor




1. CU

2. NU

3. KSU

4. ISU

5. Misery

6. KU


The class of the conference are definatley OU and TEXAS, OUR TEXAS, OH HAIL THE MIGHTY STATE, TEXAS OUR TEXAS, SO WONDERFUL AND GREAT.... As far a OU's qb's are concerned, with Jason White at eh helm, they will be just fine. The D just might be better than last year. TEXAS, OUR TEXAS, OH HAIL THE MIGHTY STATE, TEXAS OUR TEXAS, SO WONDERFUL AND GREAT... is led by Chrissy Sims and Lack Crown. 'Nuf said. The North will come down to CU and NU with the Buffs getting the edge. OU beats CU twice in one year to regain the crown.

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The big game for the BIG 12 South. Texas Tech @ OK. I think Texas Tech is overmatched at every position except QB. Texas Tech was overmatched at every position last week at home vs. Texas Longhorns. so anything can happen with a great QB.


I think T.Tech may have blown their wad against Texas and OK wins in a blowout. OK is currently favored by 13.

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Hey KState 2000, how come you predicted Colorado? and I predicted Kansas St to win the North? eek!


You guys are hot right now. I grabbed KState over Mizz @ -13. The line is now upt -15. Can you cover the -13 @ Mizz? Mizz is dangerous at home with the QB Smith!

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Hey KState 2000, how come you predicted Colorado? and I predicted Kansas St to win the North?    eek!

I knew Kansas State was still one year away from the Big 12 Championship game, next year they will be a favorate to win the National Championship.


I quit predicting outcomes of KSU games after the Colorado loss, it seems to have worked well thus far.

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