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Why ND lost to BC


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I figured out why the Irish lost;


First off, Jesus may be the man everywhere else, but between the lines, he cedes control to the Football Gods. And when the Irish attempt to use the mighty juju of the fabled Green Jersey on a mediocre BC team at home, well, the Football Gods just don't cotton to that sort of behavior. The GJs are to be reserved for special games, where ND is the dog, where the ramifications are huge, where they'd cry "Win one for the Gipper" if they hadn't already won one for him.


The Football Gods were thus angered, and from on high came the message:


"Lo, Coach Willingham; for your hubris, you shall fall as that other Moor, Othello once did; your shoddy offense shall finally betray you with nearly a half-score of fumbles; your passes shall find the other Jesuits hands to rest in; your national title hopes shall be dashed. So it shall be."


At least that's my theory. wink

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Maybe God was punishing the Catholics for the millions of deaths the church has been responsible for done through the ages. Maybe it was for the people they killed at the inquisition. Maybe it was for the cultures they destroyed and replaced with their nonsense. Maybe it was for the children who have been molested by priests. Maybe it was for the way the church protected its child molesters and covered up all scandals to the detriment of the children. Maybe it was because of the nonsense that the catholics have forced on people for ages. There are so many reasons God could be mad at the Great W-hore of Babylon known as the catholic church. But why he let them lose to BC is anyones guess.

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