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There should only be a top 10!!

Guest PantherDave

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Guest PantherDave

..and it should not be voted on until the 2nd or 3rd week in the season. If this theory was used, you would erase the over-rated teams (KSU,OSU), because 11-25 ranked or 6-5 to 7-4 teams at the end of the season..whoaa #23 vs a 6-5 or 7-4 team. Also, Miami would be #1 if this theory or practice was in place (no, I'm a NC State alumni and fan-Rivers for the H ). Opionions?

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That is exactly what I said back in August, but people like Kansas State 2000 where quoting the polls like gospel.


I say let the season take place in its entirety, THEN take a poll. Even doing so 5 or 6 weeks into the season will BIAS peoples opinions. Then they will be reluctant to drop someone in the polls unless they loose.


For example, the Ohio State win over NC State looks more impressive when you consider NC States standing in the PRESEASON poll. Now we know that they were only a PRETENDER, not a CONTENDER.


I'm all for the idea of letting performance on the field determine your standing. Until then, the BIG 12 will ALWAYS be overrated, especialy Kansas State.

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Dazed and Confused:

I say let the season take place in its entirety, THEN take a poll.

I agree 100%! thumbs_u


At the end of the season after all conference championships have been decided they should have a poll. The top teams would then go to a playoff format.


I'm one of the biggest supporters of a college playoff, I hope someday they will get their heads out of their asses and give us a playoff.

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I disagree.


Polls are taken each week, so over the season - they work themselves out.


I am thinking of the schools/team that are not among the football elite. It can do a lot for a team/fans to be ranked in the top 25. Not that rankings really matter that much, but it says a lot for a school like Northern Illinois to be ranked in the top 25. They may get to place a #23 next to their name - and, again, while it's not really that big of a deal during the early part of the season, it is still something good for the school and something to get the fans a little more fired up.

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The rankings really mean nothing, in my opinion. To respond to the previous reply, I think the NIU fans are more fired up about beating some good football teams than having a #23 next to their name. Being a huge MN fan, it embarasses me that the Gophers slipped in to the top 25 based on their 4-0 record (vs four teams not in the top 75 in Div. 1 football). That said, I think that MN can now make a case for themselves after beating PSU on the road. But does it really matter what they are ranked?? NO...what matters is how they finish in the Big Ten, in my opinion. If they don't finish in the top three, the season is pretty much a waste. They could go 3-5 in the conference and still make a bowl game, as they have in past years, which is a complete joke. Unless they reach nine wins this year, I will be disappointed. That means going 5-3 in the conference. I think it should be mandatory that a team go at least .500 in their conference to make a bowl. I am also definitely in favor of a playoff, which will happen eventually. Unfortunately, it all comes down to the money that the current bowl venues make and them not wanting to give that up, not what makes the most sense for the game in determining who the best teams are at the end of the season. The current system doesn't really determine much of anything, as nearly every final ranking can be debated.



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the bcs sucks and i think everyone agrees, because all it is based on is money and tv rankins.


i also think every div. 1 conference should have a bid in the bcs for winning there conference. just because some conferences are bigger and better (money wise)doesnt mean that the smaller div. 1 schools should get any less a chance.


i would like a playoff system, but how would you determine who makes the playoffs? not all conferences have a playoff.


if you went off confernce winners to make make playoffs then some conferences would have the same team going to playoffs every year.


miami and florida st. have great football teams but compared to the other conferences, the competition they play is a joke.


the conferences that do have playoffs makes the regular season pretty much sensless because you could go say 4-7 and win the playoff.


if you go with overall records then teams non confernce schedule would be a joke, so they would make sure they would not lose these games.


im not really for sure how you can fix the problem but what if you take the top 25 from the previous year and let #1 play #2 (unless they are in same conference) #3 play #4 and so on. (for example: lets say ohio state # 1 michigan #2 oklahoma #3 ucs# 4 kansas st# 5 and tennesse #6 at the end of the final poll. then ohio state would play oklahoma first game of year as michigan play ucs , kansas st play tennesse then you wouldnt have weak schedules in non conference games) and every team would have to play every team in there confernce once.)


now another problem: there are two divisions in the sec, and not every conference has the same amout of teams in them which would have to change to make all teams play same amount of games.


now thats just my opinion any other insight to this?


coxxy rules go buckeyes!

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