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What I don't understand is all the media complaining about how T.O. wants to make this all about him, and how he is being selfish by wanting to play. If it's all about T.O. self-promoting, then why is his picture on the homepage for every major sports website right this moment...not Tom Brady, not Bill Belichick or any of the symbols of the Patriot's substantial recent success. Instead, they all put Owens on, put mics in front of his face and ask him questions, then they complain about his responses...it baffles me.


When Jerry Rice tore-up his knee back in '97 or '98 or whenever it was, he rehabbed like a madman to get back on the field for the finale of the regular season, which if I remember correctly was a meaningless game for the 49ers as they had already easily clinched a playoff berth without him. With Jerry, the media praised and lauded his hardwork to get back on the field so quickly instead of condemning him for being selfish like they are doing to T.O. (and if you remember, Jerry suffered a serious, though different, knee injury to the same knee that first game back).


Look, this is the Superbowl...of course Owens desperately wants to play. If he didn't, then they'd be all over him for that, just like they were with John Abraham when the Jets were in the playoffs. Sure Owens can be arrogant and a loudmouth, but he also can flat out play, and if he can get on the field then he can certainly help the Eagles. If his recovery has been so quick and shocking to those "in the know," then I think he deserves a hand for his hard work and dedication, instead of the bitchslap he is getting by most of the major media.

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Remember the 4983?


Did I miss something?








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