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Suggestion for Huddle


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For the Auction Mock Draft is it possible to state the $ value as well as Percentage value? I know many leagues have different amounts of money. What I do is run them all in Excel and get a % to get a better understanding on what people actually paid for them.



For example, Mock Draft Auction League on the Draft Kit Section of the site:

$200 Start

LaDainian Tomlinson $77 | 38.5% (77/200)

Shaun Alexander $51 | 25.5% (51/200)


Then I multiply the % by what my leagues starting money is.



Just a suggestion, it may help alot of people.


Great job as usual you guys are the best!



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Yea assuming you are using 100$.


What if you are using 150$ or 250$?





You asked to know the percentage in addition to the cost.


The mock auction had a $200 salary cap (not $150 or $250) ... so you can look at the value in the mock auction and easily get to the percentage by dividing the final salary by 2.


So LT went for $77 ... 77/2 = 38.5 ...


Surely you aren't asking him to compute the percentage, and then list the salary for every concieveable salary cap?

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Yea assuming you are using 100$.


What if you are using 150$ or 250$?








Well, technically 100$ is not half of $200, as it all depends on the conversion rate as the mock was conducted in US dollars, not in Canadian dollars. :D


All kidding aside, the percentage is easy, as Blitz said, it is exactly half the salary.


Then, if you use 150 as your total salary multiply the percentage by 1.5 to get the salary, if you use 250 as the salary, multiply by 2.5


Really not that hard.

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