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J.Walker Hold

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Keeper league .."can only keep him for 3 years" This is my 2nd year i have J.Walker"..i can only keep him this and next year

1p/per 10y

6p/per td


I have been getting offers for J.Walker and if i Trade him i'm getting undervalue...but with Favre maybe retiring next year and the possiblity that he might go to a lesser team should i pull the trigger


My WR are






some offers i Got






so what do you think?.. I make the deal or just live and die with him


What would you do in My shoes?

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I personally would hold him. I like Clayton and Lelie as potential top 10 WRs or better in the near future, but Walker still has the most talent, and is still young and getting more productive.


It might seem like a good time to let him go, but chances are he'll play, and you might really regret it. Favre and his shootouts are just a wealth of opportunity.

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I'd trade him for Clayton in a keeper league in a second.







Either Clayton or D-Jax would be a step down in potential production, but you'd face much less risk (due to hold out, Favre's retirement, or the very real potential for the Packer's passing game to be less productive this year). I think you're other WRs are good enough to that you can afford to part with Walker. However, you're parting with a lot of upside there.


Assuming you've got strength at your other positions, I'd be inclined to trade Walker. If you can, counter offer to the guys who offered you D-Jax and Clayton. Ask them to sweeten the deal with a later pick, or to swap spots in one or two rounds, such that you're picking earlier in those rounds. Ya know, just throw it out there and see what they say.

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How many players can you keep?


Is there a 2 player trade available where you upgrade QB or RB at all?


I had Walker, Clayton and D Jackson last year. Walker was the best overall, and DJax and Clayton were pretty close. With Rice and Robinson both gone from Seattle - it may be the year that DJax breaks out big. Clayton should benefit from a mre stable offense this year with better players around him.


A trade for either of these guys will be a step down in production, but sure points. But, Walker is supposedly going to hold out for a new contract and has upset Favre. Not a good combo if you are keeping him.


I say do it IF you can trade up at another position or move up in a couple of rounds in the draft. Nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself.

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