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Found 179 results

  1. League Info: 12 team, $200 salary cap 0.5 PPR league, start 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1D, 1K, full dynasty (keep everyone, salaries go up each year), 15-17 players. Current Salary: $197 QB - Cousins ($15), Mahomes ($1) RB - David Johnson ($29), Dixon ($3), J. Williams ($3) WR - Julio ($44), Evans ($25), Michael Thomas ($17), Watkins ($14), Crowder($4), Godwin ($4), Ross ($3) TE - Graham ($12), Doyle ($6) K - Tucker ($3) D - Jags ($7) I currently project Cousins, Johnson, Julio, Evans, Thomas, Graham, Tucker, Jags as my starters ($152). Who would you keep/drop before the upcoming draft? Top tier rookie RBs go for up to $35, and top tier free agents go $45 to $55 usually based on team needs to give you an idea of league values. There won't be many big name stars in the auction, so someone like Julio would probably go for more than $44. The QBs usually go for $12 to $15 for middle of the road ones, the top ones are usually in the 30s.
  2. I need to get a kicker before week 1. Who do I drop? Z. Jones. K. Golladay. J. Maclin. Or Jaamal Williams with Green Bay. Thanks.
  3. 12 Man .5 PPR Roster: QB: Russell Wilson RB: Le'Veon Bell, James Conner, Ezekiel Elliott, Darren McFadden, Doug Martin, Jamaal Williams WR: Stephon Diggs, Sammy Watkins, Pierre Garçon, Jeremy Maclin, Donte Moncrief TE: Jack Doyle I pooped in the bed in this draft didn't I?
  4. Auction Draft Rating WTF?

    Did a 12 team standard auction mock draft with the following results: QB: Drew Brees RB1: Marshawn Lynch RB2: Mark Ingram RB3: C.J. Anderson RB4: Mike Gilliskee RB5: Doug Martin RB6: Terrance West FLEX: Frank Gore WR1: DeAndre Hopkins WR2: Michael Crabtree WR3: DeVante Adams WR4: Donte Moncrief WR5: Martavis Bryant TE: Tyler Eifert D/ST: Broncos PK: Stephen Grostkowski Fantasy football guys gives my fantasy team a 45% chance to make playoffs and my weakness is depth, wtf in it talking about a weakness in depth? Team looks great to me?
  5. In a 12 team keeper .5 ppr that was just put In place this year . Round does not matter and I'm def keeping crowell . Question is do i keep prosise or Parker? P.s about 14 of the top 35 RB s are being kept . Thanks to anyone on their opinion
  6. We are doing a 10 person league it is 20$. Standard scoring. Only have 1 spot open better hurry quick. Draft is the 20th at 7 central hope to see you there. Email me at offspeedshot@yahoo.com 1st 120$ 2nd 40$ 3rd 20$ QUARTERBACK (QB) 1 WIDE RECEIVER (WR) 2 RUNNING BACK (RB) 2 TIGHT END (TE) 1 WIDE RECEIVER/RUNNING BACK/TIGHT END (W/R/T) 1 KICKER (K) 1 DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS (DEF) 1 BENCH (BN) 7 INJURED RESERVE (IR) 1
  7. Hi all, I'm in a 14 team, Half PPR league with 1 keeper. I am torn between keeping Michael Crabtree - 5th Round or Tevin Coleman 9th round. WWYD? Thanks!
  8. Standard Scoring QB- Derek Carr WR- Jordy Nelson WR- Deandre Hopkins WR- Allen Robinson RB- Melvin Gordon RB- Carlos Hyde TE- Kyle Rudolph K- Adam Vinatieri DEF- Kansas City Bench -Mike Gillislee -Emmanuel Sanders -Larry Fitzgerald -Frank Gore -Quincy Enunwa -Philip Rivers
  9. This is my team: 12 Team League, 0.5 PPR, playoffs start in week 14, and I will have a first round bye if I win this week. Should I drop anyone (looking hard at Marvin Jones) for either Taylor Gabriel OR Malcolm Mitchell? I'm extremely intrigued by Mitchell, who looks like he could potentially be a flex starter for my team in the playoffs if he continues to improve (I don't trust Brandon Marshall at all). You have imagine Mitchell's snap count starts increasing, right? Thank you!
  10. What should I do? Kenneth Dixon got 9 carries last week and is supposed to surpass West soon. I was thinking about getting him for the chance of him breaking out. He is playing Cleveland on Thursday night and should get plenty of garbage time. Is it worth dropping Maclin or Powell for him? I don't need him for Thursday he will not start for me but it's just for a stash. Any advice? 14 Man Standard League. My Team: Russel Wilson Lamar Miller Doug Martin DeAndre Hopkins Mike Evans Jeremy Maclin Delanie Walker Eagles D Lambo Bench: Booker, Rashad Jennings, Bilal Powell, Jamies Winston, Moncrief, Steve Smith Sr., Dion Lewis
  11. Currently, my WR's are: Antonio Brown Marvin Jones Jr (bye) M Sanu Jamison Crowder Sammie Coates On the wire, the following WRs of significance are available: Chris Hogan Adam Humphries Marqise Lee C Patterson Dontrelle Inman Eli Rogers Taylor Gabriel Albert Wilson I'll be starting Antonio Brown, but what other 3 WRs would you pick if you were in a must-win situation for week 10. Please rank them in order #1 - #3. Thank you so much in advance. I will help you with your questions as well.
  12. Lost all my bids on this week's waiver.... and I really need an RB. 36. DeAndre Washington OAK 40. Shaun Draughn SF 42. Paul Perkins NYG 44. Mike Davis SF 45. Zach Zenner DET 47. DuJuan Harris SF 48. Bobby Rainey NYG Out of those folks is there anyone that can potentially put up a decent showing?....
  13. Add J. Howard or Hightower?

    Surprisingly Howard is available in my league, but curious if he's the better add over Hightower. Just trying to get opinions on who is expected to have more season-long value. Obviously Hightower has a dream Week 9 matchup, but how is he looking after that? Is one actually better than the other or would in be fine getting either one of them? Thanks in advance.
  14. Which TE would you pick up?!

    DENNIS PITTA, ANTONIO GATES, JASON WITTEN Looking to drop Charles Clay for a TE upgrade.
  15. Anyone know the reason why....? Is there something that I'm not seeing? New to the football scene, so any advice here would be helpful.
  16. So... I really need some depth in RB, which is why I'm going for Chris Thompson... and I would like D. Adams as well because I will be struggling in WR this week without Antonio Brown. Last week I lost every bid war, 3 in total. So... I'm reaching out to the FF community for help. Currently I have 61 dollars left to spend. Last week I lost to bids on Jay Ajayi ($36 to my $21), Kenny Britt (15$ to my $9), Chris Ivory ($6 to my $6, lost via waiver priority). With my 61 dollars, how do you think I should spend it on C Thompson and Adams. Essentially, at what price is it no longer worth it to chase Thompson and Adams? I'd say Thompson is the bigger priority because I am lacking in RBs big time. Currently I am spending 15 for each... do I go higher or lower for either?
  17. Hey guys, this is my team and was wondering if I should improve any positions if I could? Any trade targets I should go for or Waiver Wire Guys? Standard 14 team league My Team: Russel Wilson Lamar Miller Doug Martin DeAndre Hopkins Mike Evans Jeremy Maclin Delanie Walker Eagles D Lambo Bench: Booker, Rashad Jennings, Cameron Merideth, Jamies Winston, Moncrief, Steve Smith Sr., Dion Lewis
  18. Quick question both are available. I would pick up Dion Lewis but when Starks comes back he may be the lead back. Any Advice? I can hold on to them I'm not in any need of a rb right now. Also is a Standard 14 man Leaguer Thanks in Advance
  19. Assuming I'm the Antonio Brown owner, do I want Evans/C-Mike or Evans/Howard?
  20. Trade Antonio Brown for Brandon Marshall and Devonta Freeman?
  21. FLEX help please!

    Hey guys I am having trouble figuring out who to play at my flex please help! I am in a 14 man standard league My Line Up: Qb: Russel Wilson Rb: Lamar Miller Rb: Arian Foster Wr: Hopkins Wr: Jeremy Maclin TE: Walker Flex: ???????? D: Eagles K: Sturgis Bench who should I put in flex: Rashad Jennings Cameron Merideth Justin Forsett I also have people on bye like Doug Martin Winston and Evans and injuries, Dion Lewis and Steve Smith Thanks in Advance!!
  22. Gostowski

    Time to drop Gostowski.....FGA to go down with Brady back? Caleb Stugis - PHI available
  23. Pryor at QB but slotted at WR - points?

    Playing Pryor in the WR slot - news is reporting he may be QB. In the NFL Fantasy leagues, or any for that you get points for passing yards and then the rushing yards he rushes?
  24. Help me out....

    12 team PPR league, my team is 3-2, roster is in my sig. Here are some of the available FAs, do you see any moves that I should make? RB Powell J.Rodgers Asiata DeAndre Wash. Forsett Dion Lewis(IR) WR Kerley- not sure about Kap as his QB Royal LaFell Quick/Britt Garcon Davante Adams Meredith Woods Sanu Inman Ranked 5th out of 12 in the league, I know these are quite a few names, and I appreciate any input!
  25. Should I drop Shepard or Matt Jones for McKinnon? I have Allen Robinson. Demaryius Thomas, Coates and Mike Evans We play 2 WR and Flex WRT So I don't really need that many WR My RB Elliott Lacy Jones Dixon Horrible right? Help please