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PS2 help

Duchess Jack

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I just started it. It is nothing like the originals. Completely different format. Its 3/4 overhead view and I it does not seem like (yet) that you will have the chance of a 'party' of adventurers. The dialog is great though and it has an adult sense of humor. Buxom wenches and a lot of sexual innuendo.


I found a way to power level in the first town, so I am taking advantage of that while I can. Loading up on gold and buying all the equipment that I can before I move on.

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that's right, it wasn't the apple, it was the commodore 64.  Man was the commodore the Athena or what back in the day?






I was a Tandy guy and love them. I had like 3-4 through my childhood throughout my household.


I recall the Amiga being the shizat though from conversations with my friends.

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I am playing Bards tale and have an overhead map superimposed on my screen.  I need to hit R3 to remove it.  WHERE THE HEEL IS THE R3 BUTTON?








Hit the power button then the eject button and put in NCAA Football 2005. Hit power and enjoy. :D

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