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I sure do :D , I remember the hostage crisis & the burning of our flags before terrorism was even on the map. These bastages need to be dealt with before they start a world war.

Should we react to the recent escalation on the part of the Iran president , or do nothing & let the UN drag their feet till it's to late and Israel gets hit? I believe that Nobody wants another front, question is can we avoid or delay it?

The rhetoric is getting scary


Interesting thread

I'm interested to hear opinions from both the grape and cherry kool-aid fans.

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Yeah, that sucks. Alot of people today though don't realize that a big part of why Iran holds so much hatred to the west and particularly the United States was we got rid of a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED leader of their country back in the '50s I think it was and installed a puppet in his place (the Shah).


Hey, i'm not justifying their hatred, just trying to provide a little background as to why we have current relations in the terrible state they are. The US is not so innocent in its dealings with other world powers.

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Somebody please explain to me why a country with a wealth of oil resources needs "peaceful nuclear power".  :D






That's easy to explain: they are trying to not use as much oil themselves so that they can make sure that we have enough for our own use.

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