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Favre unhappy with new terminology / cadence

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This is not a bash Favre thread.


It's more about the difficulties of veteran players (I would say any veterans) being in a system for years & having terminology / cadence deeply embedded, then suddenly having to learn different terminology for the same routes & plays they have been running their entire careers.


Simple examples:


The "Center" now becomes the "Middle".


A post pattern...simple the reciever runs down the field and towards the goal "POST"

Now it is a "A middle pattern".


A flag pattern (left or right).....simple the reciever runs down the field and towards the "flag"(now pylon)

Now it is a "Corner pattern"(left or right).


If you listen to the following interviews, you'll hear Rodgers talking about how once Favre began showing up at the OTA's, the terminology and cadence that McCarthy had been installing during the QB school & early OTA's, were scrapped. You do hear Rodgers talking about being 7 weeks ahead of Favre, so that's why he's more comfortable, but Rodgers also says all the vets (not just Favre) are having trouble picking up McCarthy's new terminology.


You'll hear Favre talking about completing some play called "Pennsylvainia". A play that he had no idea of what it was, but laughingly says they completed it.


Link to Rodgers interview June 9th


Link to Favre interview June 8th



I've also read that in the 7 on 7, or 11 on 11 drills with Favre and the other vets, they will junk McCarthy's new terminology and revert back to the famaliar names for the plays and use their old hand signals.


This makes me wonder if McCarthy is already beginning to loose control of the team because he tried to put too much of his stamp on the team?


The fact that Favre came in and immediately had McCarthy make changes to his offense, smacks a little bit of the inmates running the asylum.


But to be honest, I don't really blame Favre.


Think of all the busted plays they might have, come the regular season. Missed plays happen often enough without adding fuel to the fire. In real time, under game pressure situations, you've got to have all the guys on the same page, all the time. It only takes one guy running the wrong route, or an O'lineman missing a blocking assignment because of a terminology mixup, to wreck a play. Compound that with the normal number of busted plays and you've got a real problem on your hands.

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Thing is that the head coach wants to install his offense, not cater to a few veterans who are in the final seasons and don't want to switch. This is disconcerting to see players resist the change and want to redesign it back to something that suits them personally. Maybe Favre needs to acknowledge that things are different and that what he knew doesn't last forever.

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