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Need 1 more serious owner


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Hi Huddlers,


A few of us from my keeper league (NFFL) are starting a second league. This new league will be a dynasty league. We are looking for 1 more owner that is very serious about fantasy football.



http://football16.myfantasyleague.com/2006/home/33154 * Rules are still in the process of being finished



A dynasty league is more like being a general manager of a real NFL football franchise. The team you draft initially is your team forever except for the trades you make, waiver pick ups and the players you obtain at the annual rookie draft starting in the second year.


11 owners already committed:



Again I want to state that this league is for serious or even obsessed fantasy footballers only! This will be a year round league and if you are willing to put in the time and have a lot of fun please let me know that you would like to be considered for a franchise in this new league.











Dynasty League Preliminary Money-Breakdown


(Everyone starts with a $1000.00 debit balance )

Weekly Winners $ 75.00 (6 per week) $5850.00

High Pt. Winner Weekly 65.00 (1 per week) 845.00

High Pt. For Year 400.00 (1 per year) 400.00

Division Winners 500.00 (3 per year) 1500.00

Wild Card #1 250.00 (1 per year) 250.00

Wild Card #2 175.00 (1 per year) 175.00

Wild Card #3 130.00 (1 per year) 130.00

Totals $9150.00



Super Bowl Winner $1200.00 plus

2nd Place $600.00 plus

3rd Place $400.00 plus

4th Place $300.00 plus

5th Place $200.00 plus

6th Place $150.00 plus

Totals $2850.00 plus *


Grand Total $12,000.00 plus *Waiver fees




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$1000 is a little high, especially since you only win $1200 for the championship. I don't like the fact that everyone who gets into the playoffs gets money for making it to the playoffs and then more money even if the lose in the first round. I guess there are just too many payouts IMO. I like the leagues that structure it like this:




Division winners

Total points regular season


Anymore then that kind of waters it down IMO.

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You're not Brad. You're Joseph from Nigeria.


Hah. :D



next he will send us a check for 5.000 and as us to send him 2.000 for his dying kid or something


Whats funny is I actually got a "you won 250,000 in the candian lottery" scam letters with a check for 5,000. All i have to do is send 2,700 to pay for the taxed and its mine. Mistake #1 I am not an idiot. Mistake #2 lotteries usually don't hand write addresses on the front of the letter in what appears to be a 4 year old handwritting, and they usually put a return address. But what really kills me is you won 250,000 your taxes are 2.700. WOW 1% tax rate, thats freaking awsome!!!!


(sorry off subject, but Furds post reminded me of it)

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