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  1. R Goodell

    This is what I have been saying all along. Not on this board but to friends I have around here. IF it been anyone else he would have been suspended by now. If it was anyone else we would be talking about a leave of absences. Less lone a paid leave of absence. It sickens me that you do the other players that way with a iron fist. Then play pickmy. Do it across the board. Policy is policy at this point. And those had previous run in BEFORE. The rule was even set in place. They got accused anamd may even get off and they are suspended. That is why I think it is wrong. If Pacman gets off on all his chargers I will be mad and if Vick gets guilty in any of it and he waits the year day or whatever. And if guilty I say Goodell is in the wrong and every will need to challenge that policy if they are accused sent he want to suspend people before the courts but then be picky which players he does it too.. Franchise QB or not.. If you want to lay the hammer, lay it!
  2. The Huddle

    I agree. Winning in a league here is sweet because everyone uses thehuddle. I personally never had the membership at the huddle. Usually read here and go off my reads. But the more and more i read I think I may just buy it this year. The membership here alone is very knowledge beyond any other site I have been at period. But I think I might just get the membership this year and try and see.
  3. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    I believe he might be on point with this.
  4. Official IBL Recruiting Thread

    I think I may have. I really do trade a lot. Glad to be aboard.
  5. Official IBL Recruiting Thread

    Thanks Randall, forgot you played in that league with me as well.
  6. Official IBL Recruiting Thread

    Hi, I been looking at this for about a year or two now. I believe that I could possibly be a person to look at as a member of this group. WDDL yr 3 in this league http://football36.myfantasyleague.com/2007/home/27684 Year 2 in this league http://football33.myfantasyleague.com/2007/home/17501 My teams are Memphis Elite. It never really changes. I guess people to ask about me would be. Perchoutofwater, Ziachild007, Pirahana, Doc Holliday. I know they are very active on the board. I believe I can be a MAJOR difference maker and make you bring that nice championship you are looking for back to the huddle message board. Zia brought me to the huddle. I love to trade as I see is needed in this type of league. So I guess you can look at my two teams that I have built up and talk to these members as references I guess. Sorry if I didnt add your name to the list as a reference these are the ones I see that people respect that know me from playing with me in different leagues. Well PM me and let me know what your decision is. Memphis Elite
  7. HealthCare

    No Michael Moore gave us a clue. And many Americans ran in the opposite direction. Now most say they should have put two and two together. Other just didnt want to see it. To each his own. But its not that hard to not put two and two together when the evidence is right in your face. But again to each his own.
  8. Jarrett escapes serious injury in car wreck Click here to find out more! NFL.com wire reports CHARLOTTE, N.C. (June 21, 2007) -- Carolina Panthers rookie receiver Dwayne Jarrett escaped serious injury after being involved in a car accident. Jarrett's agent, Darin Morgan, said Jarrett's car was rear-ended the night of June 20 on Interstate 77 near Charlotte. Jarrett, who walked away from the accident, was checked out June 21 by team doctors. "It appears he has no serious injuries, just some bumps and bruises," Morgan said. Jarrett, who starred at Southern California, was Carolina's second-round pick. He's expected to compete with Drew Carter for the starting receiver's job opposite Steve Smith. http://www.nfl.com/teams/story/CAR/10233255
  9. Torry Holt

    (Rotoworld) Torry Holt underwent routine surgery for a torn meniscus in his right knee in February. Impact: The details of the operation were kept quiet until now, but his knee has been bothering him for two years. He's expected to be ready for the start of the season and will be among the top-ranked fantasy receivers once again. Link
  10. draft prediction on Marion Barber

    Well stated!
  11. McNair to Minnesota?

  12. Rookie dynasty draft help.

    Smart move on your part. And with luck he may just be still on the board at 3.5. Hunt you will need to wait on for about 2 yrs. But if u got a taxi squad your good to go.
  13. McNair to Minnesota?

    If this was true it would mean that tarvarius Jackson is better than everyone leading on to. Baltimore is built to win NOW. So if trade for him they think he can win just as good if not better than Mcnair. I am a T. Jackson fan and believe he will get better with each game he plays.