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PPR Dynasty Trade


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I guess that depends on your view for the year. I mean if you have good backs behind Ronnie and you are trying to win now!!!!(I mean right now) that might be something you would do..but why draft 2 rookies like that if your solid at RB??? Did that team decide to draft knowing they would trade for another back????? If it's the future your looking at well Maroney should be solid and DWill has alot of upside...The Ronnie owner gets 2 future backs and gives up in my mind a stud this season with Ricky Williams playing flag football up north Ronnie is going to be the man!!!!!! and if Cpep gets to be his old self again I think just makes things easier for Ronnie....SO If I was the owner of Ronnie Brown I would not do this trade and if I owned the other 2 I probaly make the trade but I would be real skitish and may actually decide to take my 2 future backs and be happy.

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I would go Brown.

In a dynasty league I might go the other way.



Yea- it is dynasty.


I'll add to this- team getting Brown is pretty well situated to make a run this year, but does not have an RB#2. Team trading Brown has depth to cover his loss of him for the season.

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Yea- it is dynasty.


I'll add to this- team getting Brown is pretty well situated to make a run this year, but does not have an RB#2.



I'm the guy who traded Ronnie for Maroney and Deangelo. In a 14 team ppr league that can start 4 rb's a week I figured it was worth the gamble. I already have SA and Chester at RB so i can afford to wait a bit on these 2 rookies. Having the iron man knowns as Deshawn in Carolina (who i believe isnt as good as Deangelo if healthy) and Dillon who is nothing special (a plodder) at this point in his career I shouldnt have to wait long for these guys to show there worth.


Throw in the fact that rookie RB's value almost ALWAYS increases the next year I think it was a win-win situation for me. Look at Caddy and Browns value as opposed to last year. They are both 1st round picks in an initial dynasty draft while you could have them late 2nd/early 3rd round last year.


Benson didnt even play last year and his value (mid 3rd) has stayed virtually the same. Throw in the fact that Ronnie Brown isnt all that proven himself.


Its a bit of a gamble but in a 14 team league being able to start 4 rb's is gold.

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