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Keep Andre Johnson?

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I just took over a team in a keeper league and I need to pick two out of the following three players...


Andre Johnson

Derick Mason

Todd Heap


...to go with Eli Manning, Clinton Portis and Willis McGahee and Larry Fitzgerald.


We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 DEF. Standard performance scoring.


I have never been a big Andre Johnson fan. In fact, I've ragged on him here at the Huddle on several occassions. I had him on one of my teams in his "breakout" season in 2004 and his stats were heavily padded by a couple of big games early in the season. He absolutely killed me down the stretch. I was afriad that he would be a bust in 2005, so I avoided him like the plague and it turned out to be a good call. One more bad season, and I think it's officially time to call him a bust.


Having said that, the deck has really been stacked against him having any real success in Houston, and I do believe that the arrival of Kubiak, Moulds, and Putzier will at least make the offense competent.


On the other hand, Mason is on the downside of his career, but he's should still have another solid year or two left in him, especially with McNair at the helm. As for Heap, I can't stand being left without a decent starting TE on my squad. I won't bore you with the keeper rules, but as you can see, each team has the potential to keep up to six players. In general, only three players drafted in the first six rounds can be kept (although there are a few exceptions). In other words, there's a good chance that only one or two of the better TEs will be available in the draft.


So which two should I keep out of Johnson, Mason, and Heap?

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Out of those choices, I would keep Johnson. Although Mason will be much better this year with McNair on the same team again. That Baltimore offense has never been a passing juggernat and I don't see that changing with just the addition of McNair. Heap is a good TE but he is still probably around the 4th or 5th best TE. Johsnon is a No. 1 receiver for a team I think will improve this year. He is incredibly talented and as long as Carr can stay upgright he should be able to put up some good numbers.


I am in a similiar predicament where I can't decide whether to keep Johnson or T. Gonzalez in a TE mandatory league.

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Since you can pick 2 of the 3, I keep Johnson and Heap.


Heap is the easy choice as it is a TE mandatory, he is a top 5 TE, and McNair has a history of likin his TEs.


Like the others have said, Johnson is finally in a situation where he isn't the only receiving threat for the team. Moulds is a legitimate threat to line up opposite him, and in a keeper league, I think he presents good long term value... now, I personally think Mason will have a slightly better year THIS year, but long term the choice is Johnson IMO.

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Here's another way to think about it...


If you were to cut all three of them, in what order would you expect them to be drafted.


If the last guy you'd expect to be drafted is one of the guys you'd like to keep, is there any advantage to actually cutting him ... and trying to make him your first pick in the draft, essentially allowing you to keep all three?

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