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Advice on first round of a 10 team 2-man keeper?


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Here is the info:


team 1 L Jordan, T. Holt

team 2 e. James, J. Jones

team 3 S. Smith, Gates

team 4 L. Johnson, T. Barber

team 5 S. Alexander, C Johnson

team 6 R. Brown, C Williams

team 7 S Jackson, T. Owens

team 8 L Tomlinson, C Portis MINE

team 9 T Brady, H Ward

team 10 P Manning, M Harrison


1pt=10 rush/rec??

1pt=20 pass


6pt=all td's



play qb-rb-rb-wr-wr-wr-te-def


Should I be picking a WR or 3rd string RB or QB on round 1 (8th) and what about round 2 (13th)?

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with your starting RB positions locked up, go for the best receivers you can get. no need to go QB this early with manning and brady off the board and i never draft a backup player in the 3rd round. target moss, one of the ARI starters, wayne, and driver.


good luck!

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As Tonorator stated, you've got 2 stud rb's on your roster now. I'd definitely be looking to take the best WR available when your pick comes up. In a PPR league you got 2 pretty good receiving backs. LT had 51 receptions last year and Portis had 30. That's surely a bonus to your team. To me it looks like 6 of the top 10 wr's are keepers. Since your league gives points for catches it's hard to determine what some of the teams with 1 rb & 1 wr will pick next. Teams with 2 rb's(#'s2,4,6) now will most likely take receivers. Team 3 essentially has 2 receivers with Smith and Gates , so they will probably go rb. Worst case scenario would be 7 receivers gone before your pick,which I don't think will happen. I'm guessing that 4 wr's at the most will be gone come your pick. I think you shouldn't have any problem getting one of the six receivers. Randy Moss,Larry Fitzgerald,Anquan Boldin,Chris Chambers,Donald Driver or Darrell Jackson. You can almost be assured that Moss and Fitzgerald will be gone before your pick, so you'd still have 4 pretty good ones to choose from. Since you've got the 3rd pick in the 2nd round I'd go receiver there as well. You surely wouldn't get a top notch receiver by the time your pick comes up in the 3rd round. As I said, you've got to stud rb's that also get receptions. So,in a PPR league your next two picks should be the best available WR according to your rankings of receivers. I wouldn't even think about a QB until later. There's quite a few that will throw at least 20 td's this year. Since you start 3 receivers I'd consider taking one in the 3rd round as well. That way you'd have your starters in place for 2 of the skill positions. Gates is already gone and it's virtually a toss up with the next 6 or 7 TE's. You can probably get a pretty good starting TE even after you get a QB. You've got what I consider 2 of the top 5 rb's in LT and Portis. If you go at least wr for your next two picks you'll have a very nice team to compete with this year.

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Looks like 4 teams ahead of you should be taking RB in the first (1,3, 5, 7) and 6 good WR are off the board as keepers. You start 3 WR so you really need to go WR with your first and maybe second pick as teams 9 an 10 need RB's too. So looks like you will have a good choice( maybe Moss, Boldin, or Fitz are gone but Wayne and Driver or Jackson should be there.

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