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my local league isn't a IDP league but talk has been brought up (by me) to converting over.


I've seen a lot of different ways to do an IDP league but though I would ask you all first.



1. How many players and positions do you use?





2. What is the scoring system for those players?




3. Since we use special teams that are tied to the team def. we draft, do we just go ahead and have a position for punt/kick return as well?

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This is my first year in IDP. I am in two leagues with it. For the most part you start 3 of each LB, DL and CB/S. You get 2 points per tackle, 1 point for asst tackle or deflected pass. You get 2 or 3 for a safety, 2 points for a sack and 1 for an int.

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This will be the four year that I'm playing in a IDP league, and I think it's a lot more fun to play the defensive side as well.


We play 2 DL 2 DB and 2 DL/DB Flex positions.


Here's are scoring:


Tackle Solo (1.5)

Tackle Assist (.5)

Sack (2)

Interception (3)

Fumble Force (2)

Fumble Recovery (2)

Touchdown (6)

Safety (4)

Pass Defended (2)

Block Kick (3)



We don't use a "special" punt/kicker, that player can just be used as on of our WR's.

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If playing IDP is a first for your league get the others use to the idea by using 1 starting DL, LB, DB scenario. Then add more Def. starters if the league likes it after one year. I've been playing IDP for about 8-9 years. We use 1pt for tackles, 1/2 per assist, 3 pts. per FR. Then use 6-8-10 pts for interceptions and sacks. DL's get 6 for sacks & 10 for interceptions. DB's get 6 pts. per interception & 10pts. per sack. LB's get 8 pts per interception or sack. Reasoning for point diff. Ballhawks like Reed or Chavous (few seasons back) get rewarded for interceptions. Strong Safeties like Palomalu/A. Wilson get rewarded for their sacks. It separates them from the rest of the field for added things they do well. Likewise for DLs. As for special teams, we lump them in with the DEF. team category. Also, IDPs get points for scoring TDs based on the yardage.

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