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Best of the Old School RBs for Late rounds

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I am thinking of going with WRs in the first couple rounds of my draft because I have the sixth pick and that seems to be where the value is. So my question is who are lined up to be the best of the old school RBs, that always went early in the previous years. Like Curtis Martin, Fred Taylor, Corey Dillion, Ahman Green, DeShawn Foster, Duce McAllister, Duce Staly, Priest Holms etc.... Some of these guys still must have some play in them.

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IMO you are making a HUGE mistake. What makes you think you cannot get an excellent RB with the sixth pick? Who are your top 10 RB's in your opinion? List them and lets talk.



No lie, Super Duper. I'll fight the masses with you when it comes to taking a WR after the first 8 to 10 RBs are off the board, but 6th is way too early when you're worst case scenario is Portis, Tiki, or Edge and you can still pick up a stud WR on your way back in the 2nd round.


Out of the group of veteran RBs you listed, you're going to hear that every single one of them reported to camp in the best shape of their careers. Then you're going to watch all but two or three of them turn out to be total busts.


Which two or three WON'T be total busts? If you can tell me that, you should be in Vegas, not on your PC!

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I used to think like most others in that you need to take RBs early. But I think this year will be different. Of the mock drafts that I have done, the top three always go as planned, then typically Tiki, or portis. So if I come in after all of those are gone, then to me there is not a clear leader. I think that depth can be had in the later rounds -- Marion beating out Jones, Addis in Indy, Deangelo in Car, Maurony in NE, Lendale in Tenn, Gado in GB, etc...


In all of the mock drafts I have tried this strategy and I typically get smith in the first, holt in the second, and either L. Fitz or R. Wayne in the third --- 3 top tiered WR. More importantly, the rest of the the teams in the league scramble for whats left and none get more than one quality WR, unless they jump on the train early with me. Then I have been able to grab a good QB in the fourth or chester taylor or Gates with one of the old school RBs to follow. Then I load up on the younger RBs and the back up of the older RB I drafted. I am expecting the old school guys to start the season but either get hurt or beat out by those younger guys I listed. So my thinking is that I just need to get buy until one of those backups starts (week 3 or so) and then I will have both quality WR and quality RBs.


My league is performance with 1 point per reception, so these top tiered recievers typically pull in 10 plus catches a game, and in my mind will make up for not drafting a RB in the first, second or third. I have tried drafting the other way with a Ronnie Brown or Rudi, then a quality WR, but the WR depth seems to dry up quickly with a lot of decent RB still on the board.


Granted I need some luck to get the right RBs in later rounds. And if they leave Portis until the sixth, then all bets are off.

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What WR would warrent a #6 pick? Moss? (head case/injuries) Owens? (head case/head case) Smith? (injuries). IMO you must take a RB at the 6th pick. You will have ample opportunity to take a nice WR in the second round if you like.

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