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Grossman, Rivers, or Garrard?

Gros Membres!

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Need one QB this week and these guys are about to giving me fits. ( I still hold out a small amount of hope for Rex to get on track).


Here are the options this week-


Grossman vs. STL - MNF, vs. STLs beatable D, has had two putrid games in a row but has a nice chance to rebound (side note: he cost me a win last week)


Rivers vs. DEN - had a nice first game vs. the Broncs earlier in the season to the tune of 222 and 2TDs with a 92.1 QB rating. Unfortunately, LT needs 2 TDs fot the TD record and Rivers' #s have been slumping lately as LT has run most of the scores (and even thrown for one).


Garrard vs. IND - last year vs. IND Garrard posted 269 total yards and 2 TDs (1 passing and 1 rushing). The run game should be the focus in this one as the Colts are near the bottom against the run but he could be a decent spot starter in what figures to be a high scoring game.


Pick one. Passing TDs are 4 pts and rishing are 6 pts.



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I'd give Garrard the nod. Jax has looked better and better with him at the helm.


Grossman's best games are behind him and Rivers will not accomplish much against Denver.


Argh. :D I just picked up Garrard as he has been steadily improving. I've seen all sorts of crazy projections for him. IND's pass D is pretty good, still the same opinions on him?

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Man... I'm in the same boat over here with Grossman, and I am really having to think about this one, too. I've got Leinart, McNair, and Grossman FWIW, and I'm considering Grossman.


St. Louis absolutely has to be preparing for the run this week knowing that Grossman is struggling badly. If anything, that should open up the pass a little bit and HOPEFULLY let Grossman make some plays.


That said, I would stay away from Garrard. JAX plays tough against the Colts, but they're going to be running more often than not. I don't think he'll get enough opportunities to get points. Throwing in a QB against Denver is risky, so Rivers is the biggest risk.


Here's to hoping for a big game from Grossman :D

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Tell you the truth I'd go Rivers...Im a Denver homer but Ive seen that there secondary can be exposed..


Tempting as every week I've started someone other than Rivers I've gotten burned. I was just going to roll with my studs (Rivers?) the rest of the way but Garcia against the shaky WAS Def and the offense running through Garcia just seems too tempting to pass up.

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