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Stupid restaurant customers


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The wife and I went to Texas Roadhouse last night. We figured it wouldn't be too busy on a Tuesday night at 6 but they were slammed. :lol: 30 minute wait for a party of 2. :D


We decided to put our name on the list and wait, we were #22. Since the waiting area was packed, we stood in a corner next to the hostess area and could overhear all the conversations going on between the hostess and the customers.


About 10 minutes after we arrived we hear this guy talking to the hostess;


Hostess: Hi, how many in your party?


Man: 37 :D


Hostess: ........................................ :brew: ..............:D .......................... :wacko: ..........Did you call ahead?


Man: No


Hostess: ................Um...............er.................let me see what I can do.


Wife and I: :D


Then, the electronic message board they have that displays the numbers when your table is ready flashed 21 and 22 so we take out our number, present it to the hostess and are waiting for our waitress to take us to our table when this guy starts screaming behind us and literally pushes past us to get the the hostess yelling "Hey, I have number 20, you are skipping us, we should be next, etc, etc, etc"


Props to the hostess. She waited for the guy to finish and calmy said, "Sir, we don't necessarily call the numbers in order. Numbers 21 and 22 are parties of 2. They are being seated at 2 small 2 tops. You sir have a party of 5." yawn:

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I thought by the title someone had actually made a restaurant for stupid people.


"Hi, Welcome to Stupids."

No need as they're in every freakin restaurant every minute of every day they're open. My fav are rocket scientist "parents" who bring newborns along or allow children who know better to scream and rant and carry on. :reaches for gun:


More restaurants need to have takeout/delivery.

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