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10 team PPR - team in my signature




I get:


Joseph Addai

Dominic Rhodes

Eddie Royal




Kurt Warner

Chris Johnson

Santonio Holmes



Would you do it??? I like Addai for the 2nd half of the season. He'll get much better as the o-line comes back and Manning knocks the rust off. So by about week 5 - I should start reeping the benefits.

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Its a good trade for the most part. The only problem I see is that you are downgrading your WR. I think it is too early to tell if Royal is going to a star or not, especially now that Marshall is back. See if you can trade a different WR

That's the thing. He has Marshall and Owens. He's not interested in moving either one of these guys. As soon as Colston comes back - hopefully healthy, I should be looking pretty solid again at the WR position. The thing that scares me with Holmes is #1 - Big Ben has a bum shoulder and cant put everything in to a deep pass (where Holmes excells most) #2 - they're a run first pass 2nd team, and then #3 - Denver is a pass happy run 2nd team. Marshall will definitely get all the first looks, but with 18 receptions last week I have a feeling that teams are going to pay that much more attention to him - therefore opening up more opportunities for Royal who looked like a veteran the first 2 games.

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I wouldn't do the trade....your downgrading at WR and Johnson has great upside potiential

How much am I downgrading at WR though? Holmes has only caught one TD pass in his last what 10-11 games. Royal has already topped that. And it's all my opinion, but Royal plays in a more balanced offense. The thing that I can't quite figure out is - Chris Johnson for Addai. If this were proposed to me before week 1, I would have taken this and ran! But Johnson is looking like a fantasy stud this year. I still think Addai can be once Manning gets another game under his belt (always been a slow starter) and the o-line starts coming back together.


To the Colts defense though, they've played against 2 of the league's toughest defenses to start the season. And this week they're going up against another tough one. Bye week in week 4, and then it should open up a little for them. I don't know. My gut tells me to do it, but I'm gonna pay for it this weekend. Johnson has a solid matchup, while Addai has to face the Jags.. Royal at N.O. however looks pretty good!

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I would make that trade. I believe Addai will have a better season than Johnson, strictly because Lendale White will continue to take away carries from Johnson, especially near the goal-line. I mean, White has talent, so it makes sense for the Titans to give both Johnson and White alot of touches, so they can each go full-bore while in the game. Regarding Warner, he is expendable for you, because you will still have McNabb and Kitna at QB, and, it appears going from Holmes to Royal at WR is not going to be a large downgrade, given how much Denver is passing the ball, due to how suspect their defense is. Meanwhile, with how good Pittsburgh's defense is, they will not have to pass a ton to win most of their games.

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i love that trade dude, your team is in your sig? so you have mcnaab still? great trade... Addai will get going once his O-line come back

Yes, team is in my signature - starters are "bolded".


Hoping that I bought "low" on Addai, and sold "high" on Johnson.

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NIce Trade. I like Chris Johnson a lot too. But Addai is a starter and in a ppr league any Indy player is a must start. Look for addai to improve vastly as Manning shakes the rust off and even more so when Saturday returns.



I just picked up ADDAI in trade , so I hope he improves vastly when SUNDAY returns ...LOl !!!!! :wacko:

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