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Beaking Down the Beasts in the East


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Well fellow Eastman, it's almost here. I think it is about time to do some breaking down so that we can revisit our predictions and analysis as the season progresses. I will start with my Boys. Someone from each team tell us about your club.


Cowboys: Prediction 12-4 Win's the East.


Offense: Tony Romo is going into his third year as a full time starter. That's right his THIRD year. All this talk about what he is not has inspired me to discuss what he is. The kid has rewritten the Cowboys Record Books in little over Two years as the Starting QB. Yeah he makes a few mistakes here and there and Yes they are dumb ones. That said, he makes far more solid plays and many Great ones and puts his team in position to win. If he has the ball late in the game I believe he is going to get the team into winning postion. I can't say that about alot of QB's in the league nor in recent memory of our own QB's. If he is within 7 with 2 minutes on the clock his team believes they can win with him at QB and that is half the battle. There are a lot of clubs that don't have QB's that can do that. I am glad we have one finally. I don't blame him for Baltimore last year or Philly. I do blame him for Pitt but the D could have won that game also. Either one of those games get us to the playoffs where anything could happen. Romo is going to get nothing but better and that is scary. Romo has elite talent and has incredible upside. No worries at QB in my opinion and with T.O. gone will feel very comfortable spreading the ball around without a chatter box in his ear.


This year look for an Offensive explosion and here is why. Roy Williams is a stud and from watching tape he has night and day better hands then T.O., a better Route runner then T.O., without the mouth. Roy will bring back the slant route because he will be where his is suppose to be and isn't afraid to go over the middle and his hands are trustworthy enough to fire it in there without is going through his hands for and INT. That moves the chains. I love the move of Kitna as he knows Roy and can work with Romo and Roy to help them click. Detroit was a demoralizing place to play and Roy was a monster for a year with Kitna but lost their desire once you put huge games of stats but continue to lose anyway week in and week out. Watch out for Bennett and Witten. Bennett is my Fantasy Sleeper that could well be in the top 10 for TE this year. He has the speed, size and hands to give defenses hell. Combine that with Felix out of the backfield and Barber pounding and you have the makings of an offense that Defenses are going to have a very hard time getting off the field.


We just may have the best three back combo in the NFL.


Stopping the Cowboys is going to take pressure and patience. The O line has been in place for three years now and I like Kosier at Guard. When he was hurt the line play digressed. With the line intact, they will protect Romo and plow for Barber, Choice and Jones. Colombo is underrated at a Tackle. He plays nasty and rarely gets beat one on one. Adams has a two more years in him and the interior is stout with Big Davis and Gurode a Pro Bowl center.


Bottom line is the Cowboys O is going average 27 points a game and may not have tons of big plays but will be very difficult to stop from getting 10 yards in three plays. If you blitz the dump offs to the backs will kill you, if you don't blitz Romo will pick you apart in the seam and down the field. Romo comes into his own and reduces his forced passes and learns to take what the D is giving. Combine that with Felix Jones making a big play almost every game and watch out. Felix is my #1 back to have a monster season this year. He has Westbrook talent but is FASTER and has GREAT hands. Watch this kid he is something very special and this year everyone will know his name.




The Cowboys have the best pass rush in the league bar none. Ware and Spencer are going to terrorize QBs. Interior line play will be stout and I predict Spears, Ratliff and Olshansky will be very difficutl to run against. James has quietly put together consecutive 100+ tackle years. Brooking can still fly around. I do have some questions in the secondary but the combination of Ball, Jenkins and Scandrick held Tampa to 3 points when Newman was down. Scandrick is the best of the corners save Newman and if Jenkins comes into his own I feel the secondary can get the job done especially with the limited time opposing QB's are going to have to get rid of the ball. Still not sold on the Saftey position yet though. If there is a weakness it will be the safety position. But that can be mitigated with pass rush. You have to have time to exploit safeties. Losing Ellis hurts but Spencer is very solid against the Run and can drop in coverage better the Ellis. If he gives us 80% of Ellis's pass rush then we are golden which I think he can. Hatcher and Bowen make a lot of plays when they are in there also so depth is satisfactory but a concern none the less. The Cowboys can lead the league in Sacks again this year and with the added press coverage ability of more speed and athleticism in the secondary should lead to more turn overs.


Bottom line:


The Cowboys are young, fast and strong. I would be hard pressed to say they can't beat all three teams in the division consitantly. With the running game primed to be elite and Romo with more experience and reduction in negative plays in the passing game, the Cowboys are a lock for the playoffs. Now if we could only win one.


So tell me fellow Eastman, How you gonna beat my Boys THIS year?

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how would Dallas get to the playoffs?...


I'm being serious..



I have a better question, How will the Eagles get there and better yet how will Mcnabb stay healthy all year. Oh and who is going to replace Dawkins. And what is your WR's names again? And how many games will Westbrook play in? 8-8 year for the Eagles.

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yer probably right...it's probably more like 8-8...


5 posts in and you're already throwing your savings on the line?...what fun times in Cowboys land!



Absolutely, do you realize that we are less then three weeks from football. Now let that sink in for a moment. Three Weeks. Ohhh God, thank you for Sunday and Football.





















I need a cigarette.......................

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Simple. We are going to be patient and wait for the playoffs then watch the implosion!! Good times.



You got one thing right, you will be Watching along with your team, at home on the couch, dreaming of a winning record. :wacko:

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I have a better question, How will the Eagles get there and better yet how will Mcnabb stay healthy all year. Oh and who is going to replace Dawkins. And what is your WR's names again? And how many games will Westbrook play in? 8-8 year for the Eagles.


I have a better question....how will Barber and Romo survive 8 in the box? How many catches can Witten make when he's the focal point of the passing game?.....oh and how long before Barber breaks down?....how does the defense hold up when you have one good player on the DL ...and at LB you have Ware who is great, Spencer who is good, but you kinda overrate him and Brooking who is washed up....also Newman at corner with...whoelse in the secondary?


Dawkins has missed a lot of playing time the last 2 years..he also played sort of a LB/S position because he became a liability that deep into coverage....the DL has a good 8 man rotation and we have a solid LB corps....plus we signed Sean Jones...


the offense?..the Eagles OL >> Cowboys OL..


at RB we have Westbrook and McCoy....so Dallas has the upper hand here with Barber and Felix, but refer to what I said just above....plus the Eagles won't be seeing a lot of 8 in the box...but then again, Leonard Weaver is a very good WCO FB...so we'll see..


and the Eagles actually have a pretty sound group of WR's...Curtis is decent, Jackson should slide back a little, but he's still an explosive player...Jeremy Maclin could show something....and Avant should get a chance to be that big target we need, he's the sleeper out of the bunch...


if you think Roy Williams will be anything but a disappointment, then you are only hurting yourself...so can you really count on Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin and Sam Hurd? c'mon..




here's how the Eagles starting lineup should look...








RG-Stacy Andrews

RT-Shawn Andrews

WR-Curtis - Avant

WR-D Jackson - McCoy



LDE-J Parker - Abiamiri



RDE-Cole - Howard




LCB-Samuel - Hanson



RCB-Brown -Hobbs


what will your starting lineup look like?

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Absolutely, do you realize that we are less then three weeks from football. Now let that sink in for a moment. Three Weeks. Ohhh God, thank you for Sunday and Football.





















I need a cigarette.......................


I skeeted...

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You got one thing right, you will be Watching along with your team, at home on the couch, dreaming of a winning record. :wacko:

Yes, yes I will. At least I've got a Super Bowl appearance and how many recent playoff wins to fall back on?


And to think, that last playoff run never would have happened if Tony Romo wasn't born. God I love that guy.

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Giants breakdown.




RB: Jacobs, Ware, Bradshaw, & Brown will once again run behind one of the best O-lines in football. Jacobs pounds the defense then the others (probably Bradshaw) break the long runs. I honestly don't think we'll miss Ward at all.


QB: Eli isn't flashy & at times he looks awful. However, each year I feel he grows more confident & improves some. Last season he was lost without Burress but this year he knows he's gone. He'll make the needed adjustment & he'll be fine.


TE: Boss will be huge this year. Without Plax Eli will be looking for people to step up & Boss will. I wouldn't be surprised if he is second on our team in receptions.


WR: Here's our big weakness. Smith is a nice #2 WR but he isn't a #1. Hixon, Nicks, or Manningham will need to step up big. Moss, Tyree, & Barden are #3's at best. I really wish we dealt for Boldin as a true #1 WR is all we're missing to get back to the big game.


OL: I'll be quick here. Besides depth we are fine. If healthy I think we are the best O-line in football.





DL: The comment below I disagree with completely.


The Cowboys have the best pass rush in the league bar none.


Tuck, Osi, Kiwi, Canty, Bernard, & Alford makes us deep & nasty to face. QB's will have little to no time to throw. Plus with the added depth we won't wear down this year.


LB: Again a little thin here but Pierce, Clark, Boley, Blackburn, & if need be Kiwi are good enough. They'll do their jobs good enough to shut teams down.


CB: Ross & Webster make a very good CB combo. Dockery will be our nickel CB & he'll do fine. I feel strong about our CB group.


Safety: Our starters are set with Phillips & Johnson earning those spots. Brown was a nice addition as we needed depth.



Overall: A lack of WR keeps me from being very confident & saying 13-3. Instead I'll go with 10-6 & NFC East Champs.




P.S. If anyone wants to wager or discuss my pass rush comment I will be away tomorrow-Sunday so I won't get back to anyone until Monday.

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RB-Barber, Jones





RG-Davis (Big)


















FG Kicker-Folk

Kickoff kicker-Buehler.............Buehler................Buehler


Position for position we got you covered and blocked.


Comparison vs. Eagles


I will give you the edge on O line and maybe depth on D line and Safety I will call a push. But that is it. At every other positon I give the Cowboys. With wide margins at WR and Running backs (backs only because Westbrook is breaking down and behind him as a 1st year rookie). I like our lineup because our secondary is much faster and younger meaning more press coverages forcing Mcnabb to run on those old legs which will get him killed or throw picks because he is rushed and were manned up on Questionable at best WR's. Your D line will be handled and without Jimmy Johnson's in game adjustments your D will suffer. By the way, hope JJ gets better and I wish him all the best. Eagles will struggle to protect Mcnabb and run the ball once Westbook begins his yearly wear down. Your D will be on the field A Lot and JJ will be missed sorely, so will the inspirational Dawkins. He gave that D identity and lead them emotionally, where will that come from now?


8 in the box on the Cowboys O will be suicide. Most of you have forgotten Roy Williams is no slouch. He played for the Lions and in 2006 was a monster until he lost interest like everyone else in Detroit. I submit he could very well go for 90 grabs and 15 TD's.


I would be much more worried about your WR corps then ours. Philly has been all about Westbook and have been notorious for have no WR's or injured ones.

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The Eagles have two things the Cowboys don't. Confidence, and a QB with a proven playoff track record. These are MUCH more important than position-by-position talent, and cannot be undervalued. I think they are both playoff teams, with the Eagles having the better chance to win it all.

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Eagles got hot when it counted, then got punked by a lesser team (Zona). Eagles lost Dawkins, and their LB corp is suspect at best. In fact other than Trent Cole, there isnt a legit pro bowl calibur player on that defense. Sure a CB may make it here and there, but overall, the defense is a huge question mark. McNabb has had troubles hitting the broad side of a barn in the passing game, and this team still doesnt look like it can get a yard on 3rd and 1.



So Im not so sure Philly is as good as some claim. Giants will have to replace Plax, or that offense is not balanced. Dallas isnt going to be as bad as some predict. Thus its my opinion its a 3 horse race, with Washington having the abilty to beat any of the other 3, but not consistent enough to make a run themselves.


as I said in an earlier post...Dawkins wasn't even playing Safety for a good portion of last season.....he was sort of a LB/S as we had Mikell and Demps playing the safety positions with dawkins out there as pretty much a Wildcard of death in the middle of the field....


and you really underestimate the Eagles LB's....they have 3 good and young LB's with a good secondary in a strong system...


and you act like Bunkley/Patterson haven't played well....or who is Juqua Parker....or Victor Abiamiri?.....these guys all played well....not to mention the depth that Ellis Hobbs and Sean Jones add to the secondary....


I also don't get how you put down the Cardinals like they were some Cinderella story....when they almost won the Superbowl..

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Maybe this is a homer talking but am I the only one that thinks that Dallas is overrated and is one three game losing streak away from JJ giving Wade Phillips the hook? Dallas may have talent across the board but Phillips' track record says that his teams underachieve and eventually fall apart. This is his third year and this team is on schedule for a 7-9 season with a major meltdown coming. The only good thing about TO going to Buffalo is that he can't be blamed for the coming disaster. Frankly, I'll be impressed if the Cowboys are in a position to contend for a playoff spot come December.


Each team in the NFC East has the opportunity to be really good but they all have question marks. Can Dallas keep it together this year nad will Roy Williams produce as a #1 WR should? Are injuries and age finally going to take the Eagles down a peg? Do the Giants have the receivers to remain copetetive in this tough division? Is this the year that Jason Campbell gets it and takes Washington to the playoffs? Here's my not so bold predictions as to how this plays out:


Giants 10-6 Division Champs. They lose a couple of games early in the season that they could have won but eventually one of the receivers steps forward to steady the WR corps. I think Hixon gets the start early in the year but Manningham is the guy by years end.

Eagles 10-6 Wildcard. You could swap positions with the Giants here but a slide in late November early December forces them out of the top spot. This will be when Westbrook goes out with an ankle problem for three games. They get it back together long enough to make the playoffs, but there's not enough gas in the tank to go far.

Redskins 8-8 Albert Haynesworth is yet another in a long line of overpaid, high profile busts that Danny Snyder has brought in to play for the Redskins. Campbell does well enough to win some games but he can't overcome a general lack of cohesiveness that this team has.

Cowboys 7-9 A player's coach does not a championship football team make. Wade Phillips is the only thing holding this team back from a championship run and this year proves it. The buzz in the locker room becomes stronger than the buzz on the field and that's when the wheels come off.

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Bullpoopy. If you come on here and type that you'd rather have Hass right now QBing your team instead of Romo you're the biggest liar on the innernets.

You're joking, right? Have you not been watching football the past few years? Matt Hasselbeck was an average TE away from being a Super Bowl champion. Romo loses focus and fumbles snaps, or waits til the game gets close then throws the ball into the other team's chest. That guy is a winner if I ever saw one! Geez.

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