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Should I give up Larry Fitzgerald for Michael turner?


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I am in a keeper league and have been offered a great trade, but I want to make sure it is a good deal for me.


It is a standard scoring league, not PPR. 10 person league, keeping 4 players from last year.


I am keeping:


Brandon Marshall

Aaron Rodgers

Reggie Bush (I had to guarantee I got at least one RB).


My trade offer is Michael Turner for Fitzgerald.


It seems like I should go ahead and do it, but I wanted to make sure.

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I pick 6th and there is not a great selection remaining, but I should be able to squeeze out a WR.


Thanks for the help.


Available players:

Marion Barber

Roddy White

Kevin Smith

Marques Colston

Pierre Thomas

Ronnie Brown

Braylon Edwards

Derrick Ward

Chad Ochocinco

Lee Evans

Ryan Grant

Darren McFadden

Knowshon Moreno

Chris Wells

Joseph Addai

Vincent Jackson

Donald Brown

Santonio Holmes

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I think Iwould do it -- I think Turner will have a better year than the other remaining RBs (although not as good as last year) and that the difference in scoring from upgrading the RB position will exceed the difference in scoring from Fitz to a Roddy White, IMO (esp. since Fitz will likely be fighting for balls with A. Boldin).

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No way I'd do it. Especially with you having a suspended B. Marshall on your team. Larry Fitzgerald has been one of the most consistent fantasy producers in recent fantasy history. I don' t take anything away from Turner, but I don't see a clear advantage for taking Turner over Fitzgerald.

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there is far more depth at RB out there. i'd keep fitz and grab another RB in the draft.
agree especially with Marshall mucking up your team.


I would go on the assumption that you have Brandon Marshall who could not play a meaingful role all year.


I am not kidding, he likely will be suspended for 4 games without pay. The Eagles did this with TO and Keysaun had this happen, basically he is making a pain of himself and Denver is going to make him feel more pain than he wishes he ever bargained for, and it's a mess on your team because you see you can't drop him although it's tempting to do just that.

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Another one for put down the pipe! You're willing to give up the league's best WR for a RB who had one decent season. I like Turner, but I like Fitz more than Turner. If you're gonna trade Fitz, then I would expect a top tier RB in return.

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If Grant is available when you pick, i highly recommend grabbing him. He is going to be a big surprise this year....He WILL be a top 10 back if he can stay healthy.

I saw this after my pick and passed on him. I could not decide on him or not.


Thanks for the help everyone.


I kept Fitz.

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