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Ted Ginn JR.


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I don't see the breakout that some people are predicting - the guy hasn't shown anything to indicate that he'll even approach playable numbers. From a fantasy football standpoint, I hate the guy because he's so inconsistent - all of those 1 and 2 catch games that he piles up are a killer to fantasy teams. Take away that one 175 yard game he had last year and he was absolute garbage.


I personally like both Camarillo and Bess better than Ginn and they certainly suit Pennington's style of play better.

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You can start him and get 2 to 4 points a game for weeks or you may be the one who has him on your team when he finally breaks through for 30 points.


Word, but he'll do that once and then revert to crap. Consistency is what wins fantasy football games - someone else can have that 30 point game if it means they'll play him for all of his 2-4 pointers . . .

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Why is every site so high on Ginn? Is it his family? Is it that he's going to be a great punt returner?


Sorry, I still love this: http://dolphins.fandome.com/video/76691/Ca...oughout-Speech/


Also, check the number of targets each week for the last 6 Dolphins games of 08....Ginn didn't get the most looks...


Yeah, that video is still pretty hilarious. "We drafted the Ginn family..." Booooooooooooooooooooooo :wacko:

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