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Tyler Eifert, top 5-6 TE from Week 10 on?


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So Eifert is eligible to come back in week 10 I believe, and I'm wondering if anyone out there thinks that he could be a TE1 down the stretch. I picked him up per The Huddle's suggestion last week, and I'm hoping for the best, but I don't honestly remember Cincinnati being much of a TE friendly team offensively. I'm also not sure if Hue Jackson's offenses in the past were typically TE friendly or not, but if Gio keeps getting banged up (hasn't missed a game yet, but he keeps getting dinged) and A.J. Green can't get back to pre-injury form, there seems to be a playmaking need that Eifert could potentially fill.


Did Eifert look like a key cog in the preseason or early in game 1? I'm just wondering if anyone has a feel for what Eifert's role was going to be before he got hurt and if, upon his return here soon, that role has upside for top 5 or 6 TE stats to close out the year (Read: Solid TE1 status)? I'm admittedly clueless on Eifert as a player or this Bengals' offensive scheme as it relates to TE production (and I don't think using Gresham's numbers so far this year are a good point of reference).


If we put Graham, Gronk, Julius as the top 3 TEs going forward, I could see Eifert possibly stepping up in the group that follows. it's not like TEs have been lighting it up this year outside of those top few. Who else would there be? Greg Olsen, surely. Then maybe Martellus Bennett? Gates? Maybe Vernon Davis gets healthy? Could Eifert be in the same conversation as that 2nd tier I just mentioned? Or is he, at best, at the bottom of that list, maybe even behind guys like Donnell, Kelce, and Delanie Walker?

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Or is he, at best, at the bottom of that list, maybe even behind guys like Donnell, Kelce, and Delanie Walker?



I think a conservative estimate is to put him in that group ... not necessarily behind, but in that group.


Upside for a little more, maybe.

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The latest I heard was that he was going to practice this week and take it from there. Supposed to start practice last week but wasn't recovered enough to do that so worth monitoring for the next day or two.


Even if he practices I doubt he plays Sunday so would look to week 10 for now.

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