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Stand by for "TextGate"


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With all the DeflateGate stuff flying around, thought this would be a light hearted break. Interesting stuff though. Again, a part of the game I was not fully familiar with.





sorry Steve :wink:























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Not news to me, I had heard rumors of this after it happened. I'd be unhappy if this is true for multiple reasons. First I don't like cheaters. But more importantly I think it is assinine for a GM/owner or any front office person to be telling the coaches during a game what plays to call or players to use. It smacks of a control freak and a dysfunctional franchise (we've alreay had that for far too long).


However there is nothing but media reports so far, and the NEOMG (Northeast Ohio Media Group, aka Cleveland Plain Dealer web presence) like many is often looking to stir up stories with controvery to get clicks/readers. Especially when it comes to the Browns or LeBrons. Since there are reports, the NFL is investigating. If I see a report that says "NFL has found the Browns front office were texting..." then like the deflategate I'll figure that part is true.


Now if this were the Pats, Belichik would have told the media "I wasn't aware that is against the rules, never heard anything about that portion of the rules before!"


PS I hope Pettine is right, and there isn't friction and dysfunction within the organization. But would he really admit it if there were? And would he have a job the next day?

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Not sure if I posted this one and am reading it now, referred to it by another Browns fan at work. I've said over the past couple years I fear Haslams meddling like Jerry Jones and Snyder. These billionaires that want to own teams and then think they know football and can run things is crazy. I'd almost rather have the absentee and less caring Lerner still owning the team, than a meddlesome attention whore.



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