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Keeper leagues with Auction drafts


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I'm interested in creating a keeper league with an auction draft.


A friend, who's pretty smart and open minded, believes that auctions an keepers wouldn't work because he's only seen keepers done with a snake draft.



Was hoping that people could share thoughts on that combo (Keepers + auction) either positive or negative.


If anyone's been in that type of league - I'd love any particulars you can share.


Conversely, if there are clear reasons these two combos would fail --- please save me the headache.



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You can start any kind of league with an auction. It is simply a different method of dispersing the player pool to the teams in the league.


You can make the auction set salaries for contracts.


You can just use the auction to start up the league and then do rookie drafts in years after.


You can make the keepers cost last year's auction price plus some amount of escalation and do an auction every year.


There is no legit reason why an auction cannot be used for a keeper league.


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We do keepers with a straight draft (last place drafts first in every round), as does another person here who posted another topic about keepers, so they can be done with something other than a snake draft.


The bigger question is probably how do you handle keepers now, and would that change with the auction. Are keepers for ever, or do they have some sort of contract years, cost of draft pick based on where drafted, etc. Also would you start completely over with the auction, or include keepers somehow. If this wasn't known at last year's draft, I think you have to allow the keepers now, or maybe start over with a full redraft after this season.


I've always wondered what a league does that was keep and suddenly changs to a full redraft, aren't teams screwed by making moves with the idea of having keepers next year when that happens.

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People combine keepers/auction all the time. You basically either need to have a salary cap in place all season, and keeper values are based off of the players salary (usually se an escalator built in, like salary goes up X dollars or percent per season), or if you don't have a salary cap, you need to track auction values and have them stay with the players (and come up with rules on what players acquired via free agency cost, as well as what happens to a players value when he was auctioned, dropped and subsequently picked up) and then those player values count against an owners auction budget.



Tons of options really depending on how you plan to set up the league.

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Our keeper/auction rules:


At end of season, you can write up to 3-year contracts with the the following inflation: Base value + $5 / +$3 / +$1. Thus, for a three year contract on a player purchased at auction for $10, you would pay $15 in year 1, $18 in year 2, and $19 in year 3.


Base value is the auction value or $1 for free agents. If dropped players pass through waivers, their base reverts to the $1 FA value.


Buyout clause for players under contract for future years: 1/2 of remaining contract to come out of next year's auction.


The 'paperwork' is minimal for our 14-team league. I have found auctions to be more enjoyable than drafts - I recommend you try it.

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I co-founded (and now co-commish) one that's going into its 9th year and has worked out great. There's no reason why the auction format can't work with keepers.


We can only keep up to 4 per team, so at least 80% of players are back in the auction each year. This means that while some teams start with a better foundation than others, everyone still has a chance at a strong year if they auction well. We don't do long-term contracts; instead, given that we have 20-man rosters with a $250 cap, to keep someone, you give them a $5 raise if their previous salary was less than $20 or a 25% raise if their salary was $20 or more.


Each team gets $100 for blind bidding waivers; for undrafted players, their salary becomes the price it took the get them in blind bidding. For players who were cut and then reclaimed during blind bidding, their salary becomes the higher of their draft price or the price it took to get them in blind bidding.


We tweaked the rules quite a bit in our first few years, but haven't made any major changes in a while.

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