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Weird FF season


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8-2, after last night. Still in 1st and could lock it up with a win next week and/or the week after. Already clinched the playoffs last week. If only Prescott or Landry could've added another TD or if Hopkins or Jones or Gronk could've gotten one or if Newton could've only scored the 3. Oh, well. At least I'm still in 1st and ahead of 2nd and 3rd by 1 game and 100+ pts with 3 games left. I'm probably 85-90% locked up for a 1st round bye. As for what seed I will end up depends on the next week or two. And the current 2nd and 3rd place teams I play in the last 2 weeks. So, surely it will be interesting.

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With all the injuries, 1st rnd picks falling short,  ejections, backup QBs starting all over the place, rookies and young guys emerging and just overall oddness (NO a running team?, LAR top scorers in league?), there is more parity than ever in my 14 teamer.   


Of 14 teams in my league, 12 are still in the playoff hunt.  1 team @ 8-2 is in.  Then there are five teams at 6-4, four teams at 5-5 and 2 teams at 4-6 with three games to go in regular season.    Never seen this type of a logjam in the 20 or so years I've been in this league.


So yeah.....Weird FFL season indeed.

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Best team is 7-3, worst team is 3-7, nothing has been locked up, nobody has been eliminated.


As for strang seasons I went W-L-L-L for 2 cycles, at 2-6 I won, then won again breaking my trend. I'm 2 behind first in my division, and one back of the last playoff spot. With the last 3 games in division things are wide open.

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10 team league


I'm at the top with 8-2 (already clinched - only one clinched so far). 2 teams at 7-3. 2 teams at 5-5. 3 teams at 4-6 and the final 2 teams are at 3-7. So, it's still wide open yet. Certainly, more teams will likely clinch either this week or next. And the final clinching will happen in the season finale.

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In a real tight 14 team league


1st-5th are 7-3

6th is 6-4

7th-10th is 5-5


1st-10th are separated by only 2 games


Some trash team in 5th that is riding on luck with 1018pts scored and 959pts against (the lowest in both categories). Meanwhile I'm in 7th at 1363pts scored and 1232pts against (the most in both categories).  I wouldn't really be sweating this, but only 8 teams move to playoffs and its real tight.


Furthermore the 3 teams on the bottom 2-8 seemingly have given up and letting trash teams win with 90pts due to not starting players. Last week dude didn't have a QB despite having a roster spot open and scored 78pts and lost to a team that scored 90pts.


This is my 3rd year in this league and think it will be my last. The first two years I lead the league pretty much from Week 1 in both pts and record and then lost due to bad luck in the playoffs.

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On 11/14/2017 at 9:42 PM, Oak12 said:

I haven't played FF in about 5 years. First 4 picks were D. Johnson, TY Hilton, A. Cooper, & D. Cook. I have managed to go 7-3 and currently in 2nd place. 


How in the hell did you pull that record off with all those injuries?  


I'm impressed

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