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O S U !!!!!!!!!! Go Bucks


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So hard to be a Buckeye...So Great to be A Buckeye


Every week my heart is pulled out my chest.


Craig Krenzel....Thank you!!! for your great Decisions...They say Defense wins championships,

guess we will find out..Maurice PLEASE COME BACK WE NEED YOU!!!!!! expect alot of hate mail now but I don't care as long as we keep winning.


Thank God we are at home next week!!!! Ohio State 13 Michigan 10 in ot.

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Now I am in "crisis of conscience" stage; Oh, how I hate Ohio State....


...BUT they are on track for a national championship, which would bring more prestige to the beloved Big Ten.


So do I root for the Mighty Blue to screw OSU out of a NC (again lol ) or for the Suckeyes to prevail and stomp Miami, especially since UM is going NOWHERE this year? Tough call.....

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As much as it killed me to watch the **** pass from krenzel to win the game against the boilers 2 weeks ago, you gotta love the call.. Balls out going to win it here.... Thats what makes a National champion!


As much as I hate ohio state, (And mich for that matter) I love the big ten and for us to get a national Championship would be great!


So go bucks!!


PS dont forget to watch the real game for the old oaken bucket this weekend!!! Purdue is going to romp on IU! See you in the music city bowl!! (Wait.. Is that a good thing? I think so.....)


Beat michigan and Miami!


GO Big11ten!

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Columbus is so pumped up but "96" and "98" still fresh in my mind and I think our players our being very Business like so far. I see OSU jamming the line and trying to make Michigan beat us with Navarre passing.Look for Clarret not too start and not play unless needed and I believe will be needed. What ever the under is play it this is going to be a defensive battle.Michigan fan I know all to well what your team can do!!! was at the "96" game "95" pretty much sucked as well..BCS??? don't even care about it..Just win the Game. Ticket prices from scalpers are "nuts"I love the bucks but a grand for a ticket..sorry just going to the Bar spend my 30.00 bucks in beer and food. by the way endzone tics going for around 350.00 a seat. Nothing but respect for the team from up North....Go Bucks and was at "98" Michigan State game so gotta stay home I'm a jinx.

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