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NHL rule changes


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I like 'em all except the addition of 4 more teams to the playoffs. 16 of 30 is already too many. Look at baseball and football where only division winners and wildcards make the post season. The post season should be earned, not given.


No touch icing is a good idea, will eliminate injuries and speed up the game, especially if they incorporate no line changes on icing into that equation.


The overtime/overtime/shootout idea sounds intriguing, but that's a pretty major change, I think I'd like to see it as a "trial" in some pre-season games to see how it works out.


All in all pretty good stuff though.

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No touch icing is good. Keep the unnessesary hits down.

They need to allow two-line passing.


I heard one change being knocked around was incresing the net size. It has been 6' x 4' since 1917. This is the most retarded thing I have heard. I already have a problem with the fact that different arenas can have different rink sizes, but I realize that this can't be a realistic change. Don't mess with the net size.


Apparently, the only thing I haven't heard is for the refs to actually start calling the clutching, grabbing, and hooking that goes on. I guess that's too hard for them. If they did that, there would be more power plays, and more goals. Problem solved.

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I agree, adding 4 more teams to the playoffs is just a dumb idea.


However, I'm all for the touch-up offsides.


And if they actually do away with the red line in terms of a 2-line pass, well then... :D:D:D:D


Reducing goalie eqiupment size is a good idea too in my opinion. I mean, look at the pads Roy wore when he was a rookie vs. his last years with the Avalanche. If George Vezina could have a GAA around 3.00 in an era where goalies weren't allowed to go to their knees, then today's NHL goalie should be able to do so with smaller pads. I think there are a lot of goalies that can easily adjust to the smaller pads, and as for the others, we'll see who has the talent and who was dependent on the equipment.

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Adding the teams to the playoffs isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Too many teams make the playoffs as it is, the regular season doesn't really matter, so by making the 7-10 teams play an extra 2 out of 3 round... it actually makes a real difference to finishing 6th, instead of 7th. It certainly doesn't make anything worse.


And because the regular season doesn't really matter, I'm all for the shootouts after overtime.

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Back when there where 21 teams, 16 in the playoffs was a joke. Not, 16 of 30 is good. No need for more.


I like all other rules. Most people hate ties (I'm okay with them), but I'd rather have a win/loss setup than a 3 point win, and 1 point tie/OL loss. If they're just doing win/loss, why have points?

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- i actually like the current overtime system, with the 4 on 4 going all out for the extra point. a shootout? eh, i guess it would be alright. :D


- keep playoffs at 16 teams, adding 4 more is retarded. :D


- i like the idea of lowering the limits on the size of goalie equipment. i don't like the idea of changing the size of the net


- no touch icing is an ok idea, but it really won't change that much. eliminating the 2-line offside is the best idea of the whole bunch, IMO. the tag-up offside rule is also a good idea.


the main thing is the refs just need to CALL THE F'N OBSTRUCTION penalties. not just at the start of the season. not just in the first and second periods. not just during the regular season. call them ALL THE F'N TIME. :D

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:D i honestly don't see a huge difference.  i don't think the rules changed or anything.






Watching footage of old Canadiens games and more recent games, I thought they looked bigger. Maybe it's partly due to the color changes that seem to give it that effect.


Pads getting larger didn't have anything to do with rules changes as I understood it. Goalies just kept on increasing the size of their pads. J.S. Giguerre (sp?) from Anaheim is said to be one of the biggest offenders of using larger goalie pads.


Be interesting to see the average size of goalie pads 10 years ago vs. the 2003 season. :D Then again, I could be completely wrong with my thinking, it's been know to happen once or twice before.


Link regarding new pads for 2005

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