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    Beg, Borrow And Steal - Rare Breed
  3. Yeah, but AJ won't cost Cousins money, that's my point
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    No 'Count Blues - Sarah Vaughn
  5. i'm certain there are a handle of QBs who would rather start for CLE than be a back up. who are the QBs available that are better than Kizer and want to start? Bradford Keenun Bridgewater Cousins (we know he's not going to cle) AJ Cutler McCown Brees (beyond unlike, but still) seems unlikely CLE can't upgrade, if they want to. Just seems like they'd be so much better off signing someone like AJ, one of the MIN QBs, or even Cutler and then using the #1 and #4 to make serious improvements elsewhere
  6. Over the cap has them with $110m this year, $93m in 2019, and $127m in 2020
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    Take Me Home - Phil Collins
  9. big money free agent QBs are not going to happen here. They plan on addressing our QOTF in this draft and don't want to shell out money to both a rookie and a vet. not that any vet would want to come here but that's another story
  10. $150 annual owner fee. ($50 DISCOUNT to buy this team). Very active group of owners year round. Dynasty PPR, 25 permanent player rosters spots. Very flexible starting lineup requirements. 5 player IR and 4 player Taxi Squad slots open from rookie draft through end of NFL season. Team available is KB Junkies. New owner can change name and get newly designed banner. Overview of league here: Everything you want to know about rules of play at this link: New owner required to pay fee immediately before getting access to team To jump on board or get more information, send email to Rick at
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    Our Day Will Come - Ruby & The Romantics
  12. who? CLE? Cousins has strongly implied that he won't play for them (or any team unlikely to win)
  13. What is their Cap situation? Why not a push for Cousins ?
  14. I have one opening in a serious fantasy football league. See the features below. -32 Man Rosters, with IDP, PK and PN. -Salary Cap, Contracts, Annual Rookie Draft, Blind bidding ONLY on Free Agents -Franchise and Transition Players & Holdouts -12 Teams -$375 Buy-In - This is 1.5 years of dues, but is done to keep a core set of owners (You will only pay $250 in year one!) -You can void three contracts with no dead cap penalties in 2018 (if you make the cuts in 72 hours) -Super Payout every four years -Division Realignment every year League Charter is here. Please read in detail before emailing me with your interest. - Team available is Shaheen Fiends - EMAIL me at with your interest.
  15. Browns should pick Barkely at 1.1 then see who falls to 1.4. AJ is an interesting FA but he's not a Franchise QB.
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    Stupid Thing - Aimee Mann
  17. I don't mind getting McCarron. Solder is getting up there in age, we definitely need to draft Offensive Linemen though I don't see any mocks addressing it. Would love Barkley and Minkah, as I've said before but don't mind a Guard there at 4.
  18. Brand New Dynasty League

  19. New!! Startup dynasty league!! Looking for active owners for startup league. Startup draft will start as soon as the league is filled. 28 teams, 26 active players on roster, one roster, salary cap.. $25/year via LeagueSafe Please contact 22 teams filled ONLY 6 SPOTS LEFT
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    This Land Is Our Land - Peter, Paul, & Mary
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    Strangers - Sigrid
  22. i think CLE fans wouldn't know how to deal with it. THink about it tho, how far away are the Browns really. I mean, really. If Barkley is a stud RB, if AJ is a good QB, if Nelson really is a good OG... and we know for a fact that Solder is amazing. WOuldn't those four player easily turn this franchise around? They could easily get those four guys.
  23. What I feel like when I see McDaniel weasel face
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