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  2. Luck Retiring

    Sounds like a speech from "Final Space"
  3. ESPN draft this Sunday 8/25 Need Owners ASAP

    Need 2 more and can get leaguesafe sent out and everyone payed up and we will be good to go tonight.
  4. Luck retired and He was a Keeper

    I’d let him choose someone else.
  5. I am the commissioner of my league and we use one keeper per team. We have a deadline of 8/1 for getting keepers in. We draft on 9/4. One owner kept Luck this year. He is now stating he should be allowed to keep another player instead. Our rules don't clearly state "retirement" in rules. Thoughts?
  6. Does Mack’s Value Go Up Or Down?

    I think it goes down. He may see a few more carries per game but he's going to be facing stacked boxes all day. Fewer scoring opportunities, too.
  7. Damien Williams thoughts?

    WIlliams gets a long TD... Curious if this really will be RB by committee.
  8. Today
  9. Luck Retiring

    I will leave you alone this year. I’m taking life more serious these days. I’m a serious man. A man a much serious. I have decided to spare you because I am serious, and mature, and seriously mature. Love you
  10. Kittle or Cooks

    Do you have to start a TE? If yes, then Kittle.
  11. Lamar Miller OUCH

    Rumor is to be a torn ACL, that is career changing.
  12. Keeper help

    Kamara and DJ for me too. RB RB RB
  13. Keeper League. Do I keep Gordon

    I think Gordon comes back at some point this season, but it may not be until week 10. His situation is different than Bell last year, because he is actually under contract whereas Bell never signed his franchise tag. With Luck retiring, I wouldn't keep Hilton. I would gamble with Gordon and draft so you can get through his holdout and hope it ends sooner than later.
  14. Luck Retiring

    Agreed and there has also been rumblings about their poor athletic training/medical staff.
  15. Luck Retiring

    If anything they screwed him by consistently failing to provide him with even a moderately competent offensive line for protection
  16. Luck Retiring

    Luck did his job, he didn't screw the Colts. Best to you Andrew for preserving your mental and physical health.
  17. LLD 2019 Roster Moves

  18. One song

    If I Can't Have You - Shawn Mendes
  19. Luck Retiring

    Andrew, ty vm for the entertainment you provided me. Very best of luck to you.
  20. Just drafted...thoughts?

    Get another QB, Winston looks awful in preseason.
  21. You know you're getting old when...........

    .....................when your 'hold the urine for a few minutes" mechanism, no longer can be relied upon. It used to be located around here.
  22. Yes, he did carry a full load in college. He's Miami's all time leading rusher. Hs last year in college, he had almost 300 touches between rushing and receiving, and that was only 13 games. Does that translate to the NFL? Not sure, but he definitely played at a competitive program carrying a full load.
  23. One song

    My Memories Of You - The Harptones
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