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WDIS at all positions


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I need 1 QB , 2 RBs and 3WRs. I could start 3 RBs but not with what I have. :D


Scoring: 1pt/ 10yds rush/rec; bonus @ 100yds of 3pts.; 1pt/recpt bonus @ 7 of 3pts. 1pt/25yds pass bonus at 350yds 3pts. TDs Rush start at 5pts and go up to 13pts based on distance. Rec & Pass start at 7pts and go up to 15pts based on Distance.


Yes we reward for big plays and big days. The scoring is a little screwed up favoring WRs that is why I am a little thin at RB and strong at WRs.


I need the win this week. I lost to him week 1 when DD and Ward did nothing (4pts each). :D




M Brunell great matchup @ Giants and he has been hot.


T Brady against Buf but dillon is back and buf D can't stop the run but have good CBs.

Both are division games that each teams needs or wants to win.



D Davis Starting - he is my only starting RB I have left.

at #2 is the problem

P Pass against Buf. Dillon is back but Buf lets up alot of yds on the ground. Outside chance that NE might just run the ball all day and split carries 70/30.

A Stecker against Mia. Spliting carries w/A.Smith but does catch the ball and has break away speed.

C Perry against GB. weak D and is stealing carries and catches from Rudi and the WRs. Penciled in as my #2

J.J. Arrington @ Dal. Sounded great when I drafted him but he has done squat.



C Johnson - Starter who cares who is playing.

H Ward - normal starter but my concern is will they even need to pass the ball this weekend against BAL D that is all banged up?

A Boldin - normal starter but have teams finally figure out to just play 5(DBs) on 2 (Boldin and Fitz)?

C Chambers - not doing much but last week was first long score and @ NO looks like another possible long score game again. Or is MIA just going to run the ball all day long also?

A Lelie He has been getting the looks and is finally catching the ball. PHI shut down LT last week and will try and shut down Denvers RBs. Do I hear the possibility of a long TD and some activity for Lelie here?

T Taylor - who cares trying to drop him for a FA this week.

D Gabriel - would've been nice if Moss didn't make it back. But maybe he might take Porters job?

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QB: Tom Brady

250+ yards and a TD or two EVERY time he plays. Even if they run the ball all night, Brady will still get his...just like Kerry Collins did last week.


RB: D. Davis and P. Pass

Davis sounds like your best option...he'll probably touch the ball more than any other running back you have. Arrington has a tough assignment against Dallas. Stecker is banged up. That leaves Pass or Perry. While I like Perry, I have a feeling that Cincinnati is going to give Rudi the ball a little more this week (especially since he was just complaining about not getting the rock enough). I'd take a chance on Pass instead.


WR: Johnson, Ward, and Gabriel

Johnson and Ward because they're the best you got. Boldin, like Arrington, has a tough assignment against the Dallas D. Chambers hasn't done squat all year. The touchdown last week was a garbage time TD when there was only two minutes left and Miami was already getting blown out (2 receptions for 88 yards...one of those receptions being a 77yard scamper). Lelie? Please! How often does Denver actually throw to their receivers in the endzone? Not much. Even if Philly shuts down the run, more than likely, it'll be a tightend or Plummer himself who scores before Lelie or Smith do. Taylor? He's a playfaker. I think he's averaging like 40 yards a game. I'd take a gamble on Gabriel. Even if Moss plays, he's still gimpy. Gabriel had some pretty good numbers against the Bills and this week they play the Titans...he'll probably have even better numbers or reach the enzone this time.

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Hey Bree, thanks for the reply.


QB: Nice options to have, but Giants Sec is just to week, go with Brunell.


RB: Davis and Perry (seems to always get something and is good in passing game)


Play Pass over Perry if Dillon is a no go.


WR: I like Chad and Ward for sure then maybe Lelie just barely over Chambers due to matchups, but both have a chance to shine this week.


Good Luck!

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QB. Brunell vs 31st pass d and divisional game

RB. Davis because you have to

RB. Pass hopefully gets you something


i am different on the receivers though, im going with the big names like ward and boldin....you need big plays my friend so you can beat this guy right?? RIGHT??



Chambers Johnson ok i said it, bench ward and boldin???? tryit maybe im wrong.

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