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RE: CCS pick #13


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I think you should do a vote off...


Although, I think we worked it last year to where we went to a vote-off if two (or more) players were both in the 20's. :D


Up to you guys!




then I'll wait to do this.....


if you don't reach 20 votes...you don't get a run-off

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A runoff vote would be in order. And since this is a runoff, a poll would work here as the only choices would be those in the runoff.




exactly...I'd expect more votes this way as they would be anonymous and also selected at the click of a button

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There are a few problems with saying you must reach 20 votes or anything like that. Each passing vote will decline a little. It happens that way every year. I know that a lot of you may not like this but I never did a run off vote unless it was actually a tie or within a vote or two at the most. I figure so long as the vote has run it's course then there is a winner.


Another thing that I take into consideration and this would actually stop me from wanting to run off this current vote is the fact that the number one vote getter right now is Dom Davis with 22 votes. Number two is Peyton Manning with 19. Yes that is close but when you consider that the number three is Willis McGahee with 16 votes then I think it is clear that the RB position wins this vote.


Total votes as of right now is: 71

RB votes - 38

QB votes - 19

WR votes - 14


I am sure that if we were to run this off it would go to Dominic Davis based on that sort of data.

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