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Movie Night


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Munich was pretty deep. It wasn't directly about the hostage crisis as the previews would make one believe. It was about an Israeli Mussad agent and his team sent to track down the hostage terrorists. Pretty slow at times and you have to keep up with it. So so movie overall. I haven't seen the others. I'm about to watch Syriana. Just watched the Disney movie 8 below the other day. That was good, especially if you have kids.

But even us grownups can enjoy that one.

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Which movie would you guys suggest for me to rent tonight, here are the choices:


1) Munich

2) Aeon Flux

3) A History of violence

4) Kiss Kiss, bang bang




My order from best to worst:


1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang-- went in not expecting too much and what I got was an original take on the buddy movie. big :D


2. Munich-- solid film from Speilberg. Wish more people had seen this thought provoking film.


3. A History of Violence-- Kind of 2 different movies. If you go in expecting a popcorn flick, you will be disappointed. If you expect a quirky character piece, it's enjoyable.


4. Aeon Flux-- Not as bad as many would have you believe, but definitely a distant #4 on this this list.

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