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LB's I can't decide on

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can't decide on next LB pick..I'll be able to Keep this LB, but want an imediate impact. I allready have Peterson LB.


Vilma, Jonathan

Bulluck, Keith

Urlacher, Brian

Tatupu, Lofa

Edwards, Donnie

Lewis, Ray

Thurman, Odell

Barnett, Nick

Witherspoon, Will

Davis, Andra

Fletcher, London


thinking of taking

Antonio Pierce

Lance Briggs

AJ Hawk

Keith Brooking

(who would you take, pls rank or list someone I shouldn't wait on, my next pick will be 28 picks later)


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I like Pierce the best of this bunch

then Brooking, Briggs & Hawk in that order


with Peterson you have a guy that just turned 30 and Pierce would give you youth to balance that out a bit(but I see Pierce cracking the top 10 this yr too)


then Brooking and Briggs are close and wouldnt rule one out over the other(chance for you to take who you like best) and then hawk

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I would go Pierce, Hawk, Brooking and then Briggs - with the problem with getting Briggs signed and if he goes somewhere other than Chicago....I'm more conservative and put him on the bottom. Pierce will be good for awhile and Hawk will be a top 10 IMHO and Brookings is getting older. Briggs has the talent but if I have to chose now - I pass on him.

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Take a look at Karlos Dansby.


Dansby-While top 10 status may be a reach for a SLB, he has the rare versatility and talent to transcend positional scoring challenges. Took a quantum leap in production in his sophomore season (2005). He went from 45-70 tackles (the same as stellar rookie MLB Odell Thurman, and more than Pro Bowler and fellow ex-safety Cato June, as well as Rams new MLB Will Witherspoon). A playmaker with a combined 9 sacks, 4 INTs and 3 FFs in his initial two seasons. He added 2 TDs in 2005, and 3 FRs his rookie year was one shy of tying a team record that had stood since Truman was the President and the Cardinals were still in Chicago. His 5 sacks led all rookie LBs. If he continues down his current developmental path, he will become recognized as one of the top LBs from the 2004 class (which includes Jonathan Vilma and D.J. Williams). An ascendant player that is an athletic prodigy and one of the brightest young defensive stars in the league. A future Pro Bowler who should get nothing but better. Still learning to diagnose... with improvement he will become even more dangerous.

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I like Vilma the most out of this bunch. Pierce is good (I had him on my team last year but will likely cut him during our cut-down day), but last year was really the only stand-out year of his career, he finished it injured and he looks to have a lot of tackles taken away this year by the addition of Lavar Arrington in addition to all the other good defensive players on the Giants D that he competetd with last year. I also think the Giants offense could spend more time on the field this year, making it more diffiucult for him to tally points.

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I'm going to keep Davis over Pierce on my team only because he has been consistent for me year-after-year.

bad move IMO


the Gmen already showed some marked improvement on offense last yr and if anything I would expect a bit of a regression in the running game and I dont see arrington piling up tackles...he will be used to create havoc for sure but I wouldnt expect him to really hurt Pierces numbers...


Cleveland plays a 3/4 for one and for 2 they improved their offensive line and will probably run the ball a bit more as well as have an improved offense. so with that said davis could easily see less snaps this yr then he did last yr

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