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Last call for the Survival Challenge. 7 spots left


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Again, sorry, I have no prizes to offer, as I already offered a prize for the sal cap game, but if anyone wants to offer it, let me know, or post it here.


I have a dead plant i could mail out, or someone at work today gave me a soma i could send as a prize, but i think that would be illegal or something. I got some nice pens that i steal from work regularly...there's this guy from Chile here, he hates me. Why? no one knows. it's the weirdest thing. He wouldn't even say hi to my kid on "bring your kid to work day". He's like 40, but acts...wait, i'm off topic here. I apologize.


hers' the info.




Group ID#: 10479

Maximum Teams 50

Start Week 1

Group Password enter



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maybe you can ask the Chinese guy if he has any relatives willing to offer up a free massage?? :D

And we'll end it on that note. Survival is filled up!


But dont forget about Sal Cap and Pickem. Both have nearly 30 spots left. Winner of Sal Cap gets the Free Huddle subscription next year. And whatever swammi offers

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Loogie, why is this limited to 50 max? Do you have to pay to go over that or is it just the way it is with Yahoo?

just a yahoo thing. I dont know why they do it, because you can be in up to 4 leagues for each game, i think. I really do feel bad, and last few years, i've run the sal cap and pickem, and didn't get that good of turn out. I didn't think it would fill up.


Maybe next year, I'll run the Survival here on the board. Unfortunately, I am not setup to run it this year. I really do apologize to everyone that missed out. :D


Hope there's no hard feelings. And this isn't the official one, so if anyone wants to run it on the board this year, I'll hold no ill feelings at all. I just felt obligated to attempt, since i was offering my usual freebie Sal Cap and Pickems.


edit: has anyone actually tried to sign up after i said it was closed? maybe it just says 50, but will allow more. anyone wanna give it a shot?

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