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dude ...


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Guest Chappy

WOW!!! Is all I can say. Some of the things he had to say were pretty below the belt and lacked class. However, I will say that I coach a basketball team and it can be frustrating as hell when you lose a tight game, the kids don't play their best, stupid mistakes are made and something I've focused on for hours in practice isn't followed through with during the game.


That was a rough interview!! He's got to learn to cool his jets before addressing the media and others. Hell he even threw one of his kids under the bus for making a bad pass at the end of the game when they still had a chance to win it.

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On the plus side, there probably weren't a lot of people watching the game anyway.


Sportscenter reported that there were about 6 people in the room at that press conference.



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Tough position to be in. It sounds like he has a sreious beef with the officiating but we all know how you can't say a bad word about the officials. That obviously added to his frustration.


BTW guys, check out a UCONN or Tennessee Women's BB game sometime. It's a lot better than you think. Think fundamentally sound basketball that's played below the rim. And both those programms sell out their respective arenas on a regular basis.

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does anybody really care?


I'm sure many people care, not as many as if it was the football coach or the mens coach but people do care. I care about hockey quite a bit, do you? I'm sure you like stuff that I wouldn't scratch my asz over. :wacko:


I guess my overall point is that I'm glad UM has a coach at the womens level that does care. We've gotten our asz kicked for many years in women basketball and while I've never watched a UM womens game I do like to see when they win as opposed to when the lose. They may actually make the tourney this year.


I will occasionally catch a few minutes of a chick game at the elite college leve, ie.. Duke / Tennessee / UNC / UCONN, etc... Not bad basketball, chicks can play better then you think. Not close to mens but better then you and me (except Irish). That was for you D.


that said I didn't watch the whole clip but it looked like a good meltdown.

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