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The realities of a college education


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:wacko:One of my favorite college experiences was making a sociology professor get so angry he cried while debating gun control.


I actually did that to the prof in my criminal law class talking about the death penalty. I made some pro argument I didn't really believe but thought worth considering...I think I analogized a hardened criminal to a gangrenous limb, that, you know, perhaps society is better off "amputating". I don't even remember what she said in response, just that she was very impassioned and emotional and somehow or another it went a long way toward convincing me that the death penality is morally wrong.

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Funny story...


In HS freshman biology, we were to spend two days on evolution.


I started asking all these "hey, what about" questions that obviously threw this VERY pro-darwinian teacher for a loop. He was pizzed.


We ended up spending two weeks on the subject due to my questions and the questions of a couple other students.


It was obvious that we had thoroughly confused many of the other students as to what to think.


So, it's time for the test on the subject matter and this very shy and sweet girl goes to the teacher to ask (presumably) an innocent question about something or another.


He absolutely loses it. He's yelling and screaming and pounding the table.


Spittle is flying out of his mouth.


So, what do I do?


Another friend of mine and I look up, start laughing, and then start chanting, "Hit her! Hit her! Hit her!"


We were laughing so hard that nothing got done for the rest of class.


I'm not sure if we ever finished our tests, or even how I did ... but I will always remember telling Mr. Mac to hit nice little Cindy...



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