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Dream Job

Kid Cid

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I scarfed this posting from my home blog, there I post under the name Jimmy Cocktail. I put this all together in about 10 hours yesterday so there will definitely be some rough edges.


So, I was working on the computer yesterday morning when I get the urgent calll from my wife. She said that I just had to go and check out this dream job she heard about on the radio and apply for it. So I hunted down the url and found this: A Really Goode Job. Well come to find out, there are only two days left to submit an application. I promptly call in favors I didn't want to and cajoled my twin Jenny (not my real twin, I'm Jimmy Cocktail, she's Jenny Cocktail, we are forever linked by our passionate names) to grab her digital camcorder and to head on over here because for this I had to make a video.


On short notice and with very little prep, here's what we came up with. There are a ton of things (lighting, shot framing, audio, etc.) that I want to fix on this but given the time crunch, it's all goode.


Jimmy Cocktail on wine

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When Jenny talks, her head bobs back and forth like a Grandfather clock. Very sexy, but distracting. Yeah, I'd hit it and then kick it to the curb.


Oh, and yer link is broke.

:wacko: I couldn't Tap that.....not without KCs ball gag

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You gotta turn around and show off that fine ass to the Human Resources lady. How do you think any of us are employed?


:wacko: Clearly I wasn't thinking.

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