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help in keeper league


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need help on which 5 to keep

standard scoring system 1 ppr 6pt per td








A. Gonzo

F. jones is on my Taxi squad with out keeper status


I'm thinking Jacobs, Slaton, TJ, Colston, Gonzo and pick a good QB early or try and trade Addai and Cassel or do I keep Cassel and drop Gonzo?

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Lineup Requirements?


Barring a start 2 Qb league, I do not see a situation that would have me reccomending Cassel as a keeper.


The decision will come down to Addai and AGon.


Definitely solicit offers on Cassel, Addai and even AGon to see what you may be able to get. Maybe try to package a couple or all three of them for a true stud.

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I think I'd go with Addai over AGonzo.


Most projections I read have Addai right around 1000 yds (rushing & receiving combined) and 8 TDs. This roughly translates to around 150 pts for the season (non-ppr). AGonzo is projected around 900 yds and 5 TDs.....roughly 120 pts. Advantage: Addai


Also....I see more potential for Addai exceeding expectations than AGonzo. Addai had a terrible year last year. But, there is a real possibility that he rebounds nicely and scores 10-12 TDs this year (he's only 26 yrs old).....I don't see AGonzo having that same potential....not as long as RWayne is still in town. Advantage: Addai


if you can start 3 RBs....Addai is not a bad option as a 3rd RB....especially with Jacobs & Slaton at 1 and 2.

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