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So I was at the bar this morning....


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eating my biscuits and gravy..and all these guys start rolling in with FF mags. I'm like...hmmmmm..looks like a live draft today. So I start talking with the commish, who is feverishly drawing up the board, and ask if there is a spot open. He says "No..this is a 15 year league and nobody ever drops out". Ok cool....a shot or 2 later I'm on the patio smoking a cig and he comes running up to me: "We need a 14th owner, last second cancellation."....he he... sweet....So I enter: No cheat sheet...nothing to help me..so be kind:


14 team 1PPR (TE,RB,WR), 6pts for all TD's (yes QB's too). Roster restrictions as follows: 2QB,3RB,3WR,2TE,2K,2TM D. No more, no less.


Start: 1QB,2RB,2WR,1TE,1PK,1TM D...No flex

FG's are big points in this league... :wacko: with 50+ yarders =ing 15pts. So I took a couple long leggers cheap.



So with the 8th spot drawn out of a hat, I got the following:


QB: Schaub

QB: Quinn

RB: Portis

RB: Ray Rice

RB: Felix Jones

WR: Fitz

WR: Megatron

WR: Josh Morgan

TE: Dallas Clark

TE: S. Heiden

K: Kaeding

K: Kris Brown

TM D: Tenn

TM D: Bucs


HATE....I REPEAT..I HATE my QB's. Injury/Starter risks...but screw it. Also, don't really like my rB strength but I got some good talent late. Overall, looking at some of the other trash heaps, I should make the playoffs.



Chime inxx

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